How to Print TIFF Page Using C# Codes

Mature & Professional Visual C# Imaging SDK for TIFF File Page Printing
This is an article written for Visual C# .NET developers who are searching for an imaging solution to print multi-page TIFF file within a Visual C# file processing application. In the following sections, we will present a brief introduction for this Yiigo Visual C# imaging library SDK, followed by detailed instructions for C# imaging control toolkit installation and integration. The last section is an example for printing TIFF file page with a printer in your C# imaging project.
Introduction for Visual C# Imaging SDK

C# TIFF Image Library Overview

Multi-page TIFF printing is simply one of the imaging functions of Yiigo .NET Image SDK, which includes a variety of image and file editing control libraries for Visual C# .NET programming. Among all the DLL components, Yiigo.TIFF.dll library is the one responsible for most of the TIFF file & page editing and manipulation.
Using this Visual C# .NET TIFF image / file processing control library, users can connect to a printer and directly print out the TIFF file using Visual C# .NET programming language. Rich options are provided to allow for flexible multi-page TIFF file / page printing, and we provide detailed Visual C# .NET sample codes to help you meet different TIFF page printing requirements.
  • Single TIFF page printing or batch of continuous TIFF file page printing supported
  • Specify a discontinuous TIFF file page number group to be printed in Visual C# .NET application
  • Fast speed for Visual C# .NET multi-page TIFF file printing
  • Print out multi-page TIFF file page with outstanding quality
  • Users can also process the TIFF file page in various ways before printing out
In addition, this Visual C# TIFF file printing library SDK can be easily integrated into various Microsoft Visual Studio C# development platforms, including C# Windows application, C# ASP.NET Web Form, and so on. Any developer can install this C# TIFF library on condition that they have a Windows operating system with .NET Framework installed.
Besides TIFF file page printing, this Visual C# TIFF file library also provides other TIFF processing functions in C# imaging program. For example, you will be able to compile C# .NET codes to add annotations into TIFF page, convert TIFF file into other image formats, rotate a TIFF page, sort TIFF pages, and also generate & read barcodes in TIFF file.
Visual C# for Printing TIFF File Page
After you have done enough editing and processing with a multi-page TIFF file, for example, a business document or other material, you might want to print out the TIFF file. Now with Yiigo Visual C# .NET TIFF processing control library SDK, you can simply write a few codes to achieve that.
Of course you will have to connect one or more local printers to your current Visual C# .NET TIFF processing application. Having integrated this Visual C# TIFF editing control library, you can directly write a few C# codes to specify local TIFF file, TIFF printing page, & connected printer hardware. Then you can simply debug and the TIFF pages as you have defined are efficiently printed out.
Before you get started with the Visual C# .NET TIFF file page printing example below, you need to integrate this Visual C# .NET TIFF processing DLL library into your project first.
  • Click on the download button from this page to get a free trial package for Yiigo .NET Image SDK;
  • Run the license wizard to get a free evaluation license which lasts for 30 days;
  • Create a Visual C# .NET TIFF file processing application in Visual Studio, such as a C# WinForms;
  • Copy the license and Yiigo.TIFF.dll & Yiigo.Image.dll to your Visual C# application.
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing.Printing;
using Yiigo.Image;
using Yiigo. Image.Process;
using Yiigo. Image.TIFF;

YiigoImage TIFF = new YiigoImage ();
public void TiffPrint();
TIFFInputFile = (@"C:/YGdemo.tif");
TIFFPageStart = "0";
TIFFPageStop = "3";
Printer = (@"C:/Dell mono Multifunction Printer - B2375dnf ");
TIFF. TiffProcessorPrint(@"C:/1.tif", "0","4", @"C:/Dell mono Multifunction Printer - B2375dnf");
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