How to Rotate Word Page Using C# Code

Easily Rotate Microsoft Word Page in Visual C# .NET Imaging Application
In case you have a Microsoft Office Word (docx file) page which you want to rotate to other direction, you can follow this page to learn how. This user manual will show you how to use Yiigo Visual C# .NET Word processing library to page rotation in Visual Studio C# imaging application. We provide detailed instructions and sample codes, please read on to learn more.
Visual C# Word Rotation Library SDK Introduction

Overview for C# Word Rotation

Do you ever wonder how to rotate one page in Microsoft Office Word 2007 document to landscape or any other orientation using Visual C# .NET programming language? If so, now the answer lies in Yiigo Visual C# .NET Word processing control library SDK (Software Development Kit), which can help you easily spin any page in docx file in a Visual C# .NET imaging application.
This Yiigo Visual C# .NET MS Word file page rotation DLL library can be easily integrated into your Microsoft Visual Studio C# applications / platforms, such as C# Windows application and ASP.NET Web site, etc. And it is compatible with Windows operating systems only (Windows XP and later versions supported), but currently not for other OS.
Once you have integrated this Visual C# Word reading and processing component DLL toolkit, you can easily rotate a single page from a Microsoft Word document into any orientation ranging from 0 degree to 360 degrees, which be controlled by you through Visual C# code compiling. Besides, you can also configure the application to rotate a set of Word page or all pages from docx file using C# programming.

Benefits for Word Rotation SDK for C#

  • Easy to rotate Microsoft Word page as you wish in Visual C# .NET imaging applications
  • Rotating a single page or multiple pages (user defined page group) from a Visual C# Word document
  • Flexible options for you to rotate C# Word page horizontally (landscape view), vertically (portrait view) or upside down, etc.
  • Specify accurate rotation ratio with degree(s) ranging from 0 to 360 using C#
  • Powerful C# Word page rotation library to save rotated Word page to png, gif, jpeg, tiff and bmp
  • Rotating all the contents along with styles and formats for Word page rotation
  • Rotate Word page and save to local disk for other purpose using Visual C#
  • Complete Visual C# sample codes are provided for MS Word page rotation
Word Rotating Detailed Visual C# Instruction

C# Word Page Rotating DLL

Yiigo.Word.dll: This Visual C# .NET library is responsible for most of the Microsoft Word document processing functions, such as page rotating, opening, and saving, etc. Users can also use this library along with other C# controls for more sophisticated Word file processing, such as C# Word annotation, C# Word image compression, C# Word to Png conversion, just to name a few here.

C# Word Page Rotating Types

  • Developers can set the rotation degree to 180 to rotate a specific MS Word page horizontally
  • Programmers can also set the rotation degree to 90 or 270 to get an MS Word page with a vertical orientation
  • Besides the above two types, you can also set any value to the ApplyRotate properties to get a target rotation ratio

C# Word Page Rotating Sample Codes

Once you have created a Visual C# .NET image processing application, you can add the Yiigo Visual C# Word DLL library into your application and start compiling C# codes for Word page rotation. You can start now by downloading the trial package of Yiigo Image SDK for .NET.
Listed below are the complete Visual C# sample codings for Microsoft Office Word 2007 page rotation. Make any modifications as you like and then copy to your program for debugging.
using Yiigo.Image;
using Yiigo.Word;

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string fileName = " c:/YGdemo.docx";
YGFile doc = YGDoc.OpenFile(fileName, new WordReader());
BasePage aPage = doc.GetPage(0);
YGPic ygpic = (YGPic)aPage.ToImage();
YGDoc.SaveFile(ygpic, "c:/ yidemo1.png", new PNGCreator());
YGPic yidemo1 = YGDoc.OpenFile("c:/yidemo1.png");
ImageProcessing.ApplyRotate(yidemo1, 100);
YGDoc.SaveFile(reImage1, "c:/word-rotate.png", new PNGCreator());
VB.NET codes to rotate Word page can be obtained in our website as well.
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