How to Convert PDF to Images in VB.NET

Easy-to-use VB.NET Imaging Solution for Converting PDF to Image Formats
There are times when a complete PDF document is more than you need, and you want to convert a PDF file into a single or several image(s) in a Visual Basic .NET imaging application. Now you can use this Yiigo .NET image to help you with that. In this guiding page, we will show you how you can easily convert a PDF document or pages of it into various image formats.
VB.NET PDF to Image Converting Library Overview
Yiigo .NET Image SDK (Software Development Kit) is an all-in-one imaging library toolkit, which includes several Visual Basic .NET DLLs for PDF and image processing & editing. It is the best you can find on the market as it can perfectly and efficiently convert your PDF documents into image formats with high quality output.
This Visual Basic .NET PDF to image converter library package functions with three different DLL components from the kit: Yiigo.Image.dll, Yiigo.PDF.dll and Yiigo.TIFF.dll. Together these three libraries can help you add PDF to image conversion capability into your VB.NET imaging program. Most of the supported image formats are so popular that they are used on the daily basis, such as BMP, GIF, JPEG / JPG, PNG, SVG and TIFF.
This PDF to image converter library SDK is also very easy-to-use in that it can be directly integrated into a Visual Basic .NET imaging application in your Microsoft Visual Studio for PDF-to-image conversion, without using the Adobe Acrobat or any other third party tool at all.
Besides PDF to image conversion in VB.NET, also provides you with some more PDF processing in Visual Basic .NET, such as creating a VB.NET PDF viewer, adding VB.NET PDF annotation, compressing PDF images in VB.NET, and drawing on PDF file in VB.NET, etc. You can also learn how to convert PDF to images in C#!
VB.NET Sample to Convert PDF to Images
In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to easily convert a PDF document in your local disk into any of the supported image formats with Visual Basic .NET programming language. But first, please make sure that you have met the following basic requirements:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and above
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and later
  • Latest Yiigo .NET Image SDK
Now it is time for you to activate a license so you can integrate the Visual Basic .NET PDF to image converter libraries into your program. Please follow the instructions below to learn how:
  • Unzip Yiigo .NET Image SDK and run the executable file "License Activation Wizard" to get a text license generated;
  • Open your MS Visual Studio and create a VB.NET imaging project, for example, a VB.NET Windows application;
  • Copy the license and the three VB.NET PDF-to-image converting libraries into your VB.NET project bin folder;
  • Add the three libraries to your project reference immediately;
  • Now you start compiling Visual Basic .NET codings to convert PDF to image formats.
Imports Yiigo.Image
Imports Yiigo.PDF
Imports Yiigo.TIFF

Public Sub ConvertPDFToPNG(doc As PDFFile)
Dim imageList As List(Of YGPic) = GetYGPicForPDFFile(doc)
Dim imgCount As Integer = 1
For Each img As YGPic In imageList
YGDoc.SaveFile(img, "C:\" & imgCount & ".png")
imgCount += 1
End Sub
Once the libraries are integrated into your program, you will instantly be enabled to convert any of your local or project memory PDF document into a wide range of image formats supported by Yiigo .NET Image SDK.
  • PDF to BMP: Converting a PDF document from your local directory into BMP (Bitmap) image in VB.NET
  • PDF to GIF: Converting a single page or multiple pages from a PDF doc into individual or batch GIF image(s) with VB
  • PDF to JPEG: Simple to load PDF into your VB.NET imaging program and convert to high-quality JPEG / JPG images
  • PDF to PNG: Easy to directly convert Portable Document File (PDF) into PNG images with high speed
  • PDF to SVG: Add functionality to your imaging application to convert PDF to SVG instantly using VB.NET codes
  • PDF to TIFF: Enable users to convert PDF documents / pages into TIFF images or multi-page TIFF files through VB.NET codings
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