Create, Load & Store PDF Document with VB

Get PDF Document Project Started with Creating, Loading & Saving in VB.NET
To get started on PDF document management in VB.NET, you will definitely need to know how to create, read, load and save multiple PDF documents in VB.NET application. You can complete these basic functions with Yiigo .NET PDF document library control. It supports PDF document processing in various .NET platforms, including Visual C#.NET platform and Visual Basic .NET platform. In the following contents, you will learn how to get PDF document started in VB.NET platform.
Following paragraph and list will give you a brief introduction to Yiigo VB.NET PDF document SDK control. And then we will give you detailed illustration on PDF document creating, loading and saving.
Our comprehensive PDF document library control for VB.NET owns the capability to provide you with many functionalities. With this VB.NET PDF document SDK library, users and developers are able to manage PDF document in a flexible way.
  • Capable of creating PDF document in VB.NET application or library
  • Able to load existed PDF document from file path or memory stream with VB
  • Support annotating PDF document page with different annotations in VB.NET
  • Allow you to convert PDF into other document and image formats with VB codes
  • Enable you to manipulate PDF with page inserting, page deleting, etc. using VB
  • Support printing barcode on PDF and reading barcode from PDF through VB
  • Save processed PDF document to user-defined route with Yiigo imaging SDK in .NET
You can get PDF document started with the following three imaging document features. We also provide detailed demonstration for you in the tutorial below.
  • Draw & Generate PDF document with .NET solution in VB
  • Open & load PDF document through VB programming
  • Save & store PDF document within Visual Studio VB project
Get Started with PDF Document Creating in VB.NET
Yiigo VB.NET PDF document processing DLL library is compatible with a variety of .NET development environments such as Visual Studio 2005 or above, .NET Framework 2.0 or later and Windows operating system: Windows XP or later. You can easily create high quality PDF document with Visual Basic programming language if you have integrated Yiigo PDF document library in .NET project.
Our VB.NET imaging document SDK empowers you to generate PDF with blank page or create image only PDF. Here we provide you with one piece of VB demo codes as an example. You may use these sample codes to create PDF document with blank page in various VB applications.
Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim folderName As String = "YGPicNew.pdf"

Dim pdf As New PDFDoc(6)
YGFolder.StoreDocFolder(pdf, folderName, New PDFCreator())

End Sub
Get Started with PDF Document Loading in VB.NET
You may load PDF document from local file folder or memory stream with Yiigo PDF document processing SDK control in Visual Studio VB project. While you are loading PDF document, our application will automatically count PDF document page for you if you use this method: GetPDFPageCount.
Dim folderName As String = "YGPicNew.pdf"

Dim doc As YGDoc = YGFolder.OpenDocFolder(folderName, New PDFReader())
Dim aPage As BasePage = doc.ObtainPage(5)
Dim img As YGPic = DirectCast(aPage.ToImage(), YGPic

End Sub
Get Started with PDF Document Saving in VB.NET
Similar to PDF document loading, you get to decide where to save PDF document. You can save or store PDFDocument instance as PDF file or memory stream through VB programming in .NET Windows Forms or ASP.NET web site project.
Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim folderName As String = "YGPic.pdf"
Dim folderNameAdd As String = "YGPicNew.pdf"

Dim doc As YGDoc = YGFolder.OpenDocFolder(folderName, New PDFReader())
YGFolder.StoreDocFolder(doc, folderNameAdd, New PDFCreator())

End Sub
PDF document creating, loading and saving in VB.NET are very important features for PDF processing and manipulation. If you want to perform these functions, please first integrate Yiigo PDF document control for VB.NET in Visual Studio project. License key will be needed in your project. You can either use free trial license key or purchase developer license key.
If you are looking for C# tutorial to create, load and save PDF document, please refer to PDF document get started in C#.NET.
We provide email and telephone support in case you have problem integrating Yiigo VB.NET imaging SDK or processing PDF document with our DLL library. Please contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.
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