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will play an important role for almost any power quality concern This is the primary method of characterizing the problem or the existing system that is being evaluated When performing the measurements, it is important to record impacts of the power quality variations at the same time so that problems can be correlated with possible causes Solutions need to be evaluated using a system perspective, and both the economics and the technical limitations must be considered Possible solutions are identified at all levels of the system from utility supply to the end-use equipment being affected Solutions that are not technically viable get thrown out, and the rest of the alternatives are compared on an economic basis The optimum solution will depend on the type of problem, the number of end users being impacted, and the possible solutions The overall procedure is introduced here to provide a framework for the more detailed technical information and procedures that are described in each chapter of this book The relative role of simulations and measurements for evaluating power quality problems is described separately for each type of power quality phenomenon The available solutions and the economics of these solutions are also addressed in the individual chapters 15 Who Should Use This Book Power quality issues frequently cross the energy meter boundary between the utility and the end user Therefore, this book addresses issues of interest to both utility engineers and industrial engineers and technicians Every attempt has been made to provide a balanced approach to the presentation of the problems and solutions The book should also be of interest to designers of manufacturing equipment, computers, appliances, and other load equipment It will help designers learn about the environment in which their equipment must operate and the peculiar difficulties their customers might have when trying to operate their equipment Hopefully, this book will serve as common ground on which these three entities utility, customer, and equipment supplier can meet to resolve problems This book is intended to serve both as a reference book and a textbook for utility distribution engineers and key technical personnel with industrial end users Parts of the book are tutorial in nature for the newcomer to power quality and power systems, while other parts are very technical, intended strictly as reference for the experienced practitioner 16 Overview of the Contents The chapters of the book are organized as follows:.

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DELETE Word leaves the table structure in place For example, if you select a row, and then press DELETE, Word deletes the row s contents but leaves the row where it was


To delete individual cells and their contents, follow these steps: 1 Select the cells 2 Choose Layout | Rows & Columns | Delete | Delete Cells Word displays the Delete Cells dialog box, shown here 3 Choose how to handle the deletion:

1 This graph (Fig 81s) does not have an Euler path because, once you go to the end of a (vertical) leg, you cannot get back

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2 provides background material on the different types of power quality phenomena and describes standard terms and definitions for power quality phenomena s 3 through 7 are the heart of the book, describing four major classes of power quality variations in detail: sags and interruptions, transients, harmonics, and long-duration voltage variations The material on harmonics has been expanded from the first edition and split into two chapters 5 describes the basic harmonic phenomena, while Chap 6 concentrates on methods for dealing with harmonic distortion s 8 and 9 are new with this edition 8 describes techniques for benchmarking power quality and how to apply power quality standards Important standards dealing with power quality issues, primarily developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), are described and referenced in the chapters where they are applicable 8 provides an overview of the overall power quality standards structure where these standards are headed 9 addresses the subject of distributed generation (DG) interconnected to the distribution system There has been renewed interest in DG since the first edition of this book was published due to changing utility regulatory rules and new technologies This chapter discusses the relationship between DG and power quality 10 provides a concise summary of key wiring and grounding problems and gives some general guidance on identifying and correcting them Many power quality problems experienced by end users are the result of inadequate wiring or incorrect installations However, the emphasis of this book is on power quality phenomena that can be addressed analytically and affect both sides of the meter This chapter is included to give power quality engineers a basic understanding of the principles with respect to power quality issues Finally, Chap 11 provides a guide for site surveys and power quality monitoring There have been major advances in power quality monitoring technology in recent years The trend now is toward permanent monitoring of power quality with continuous Web-based access to information 11 has been completely updated to address the new monitoring technologies.

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7 Best Free OCR Software Apps to Convert Images Into Text
17 Apr 2019 ... Optical character recognition ( OCR ) software converts pictures, or even handwriting, into text. OCR software analyze a document and compare it with fonts stored in their database and/or by noting features typical to characters. Some OCR software also put it through a spell checker ...

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in which you ve selected a cell Usually, it s easiest to use the Layout | Rows & Columns | Delete | Delete Row command

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Best OCR software | TechRadar
29 Sep 2019 ... When it comes to document scanning, you need a software package that can balance the twin needs of speed and accuracy. Too often OCR  ...

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