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Most functions are designed to work on a specific set of arguments, but some can handle any number of objects, acting on each in turn. These may be passed into a single argument as a tuple, list or other iterable, but that makes things a little odd if the function call knows in advance how many items will be passed in. Take a typical shopping cart, for example. Adding items to the cart could be done one at a time or in batches. Here s how it could be done, using a standard argument.

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During the creation of the queues, each queue must point to the same stored procedure that is activated when a new message arrives. The most interesting thing in this puzzle is how the stored procedure knows from which queue messages must be processed. Fortunately, Service Broker provides you this information through the dynamic management views. Your first place of refuge is the sys.dm_broker_activated_tasks DMV. This DMV returns all activated stored procedures that are currently running, as well as the stored procedure from which you issue a SELECT on this view.

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Silverlight s 2-D drawing support is the basic foundation for many of its more sophisticated features, such as custom-drawn controls, interactive graphics, and animation. Even if you don t plan to create customized art for your application, you need to have a solid understanding of Silverlight s drawing fundamentals. You ll use it to add professional yet straightforward touches, like reflection effects. You ll also need it to add interactivity to your graphics for example, to make shapes move or change in response to user actions. Silverlight supports a surprisingly large subset of the drawing features from WPF. In this chapter, you ll explore the shape model, swhich allows you to construct graphics out of rectangles, ellipses, lines, and curves. You ll also see how you can convert existing vector art to the XAML format you need, which lets you reuse existing graphics rather than build them from scratch.

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What s New The basic 2-D drawing model hasn t changed in Silverlight 3. Experienced Silverlight developers will find just one change in this chapter: the new Viewbox control. You used it in 3 to resize an entire user interface, and now you ll see how a similar trick to help you build scalable graphics. You ll find several more add-ons to Silverlight s drawing model in the next chapter, which introduces simulated 3-D drawing, pixel shader effects, and a writeable bitmap.

class ShoppingCart: def add_to_cart(items): self.items.extend(items) That would certainly do the trick, but now consider what that means for all the code that has to call it. The common case would be to add just a single item, but since the function always accepts a full list, it would end up looking something like this.

Because you re querying a DMV, you have to make sure to sign your activated stored procedure, as you ve learned in the previous two sections.

The simplest way to draw 2-D graphical content in a Silverlight user interface is to use shapes: dedicated classes that represent simple lines, ellipses, rectangles, and polygons. Technically, shapes are known as drawing primitives. You can combine these basic ingredients to create more complex graphics. The most important detail about shapes in Silverlight is the fact that they all derive from FrameworkElement. As a result, shapes are elements. This has a number of important consequences:


protected override void Invoke(object args) { // Make sure the storyboard isn't already running. fadeStoryboard.Stop(); // Set up the storyboard. Storyboard.SetTarget(fadeAnimation, this.Target); Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(fadeAnimation, new PropertyPath("Opacity")); // Set up the animation. // It's important to do this at the last possible instant, // in case the value for the Duration property changes. fadeAnimation.To = 0; fadeAnimation.Duration = Duration; fadeStoryboard.Begin(); } } FadeInAction is almost identical. It animates the Opacity to 1, using a default time of just 0.5 seconds: public class FadeInAction : TargetedTriggerAction<UIElement> { // The default fade in is 0.5 seconds. public static readonly DependencyProperty DurationProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Duration", typeof(TimeSpan), typeof(FadeInAction), new PropertyMetadata(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.5))); public TimeSpan Duration { get { return (TimeSpan) etValue(FadeInAction.DurationProperty); } set { SetValue(FadeInAction.DurationProperty, value); } } private Storyboard fadeStoryboard = new Storyboard(); private DoubleAnimation fadeAnimation = new DoubleAnimation(); public FadeInAction() { fadeStoryboard.Children.Add(fadeAnimation); } protected override void Invoke(object args) { // Make sure the storyboard isn't already running. fadeStoryboard.Stop(); // Set up the storyboard. Storyboard.SetTarget(fadeAnimation, this.Target); Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(fadeAnimation, new PropertyPath("Opacity"));

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