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A collection of tasks that can execute concurrently (see the Task Decomposition pattern) A data decomposition corresponding to the collection of concurrent tasks (see the Data Decomposition pattern) Dependencies among the tasks that must be managed to permit safe concurrent execution


Examples: Following is an example of a marker navigation provider extension, as contributed by the GMF tooling when audits or metrics are defined for a diagram:

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Auto-implemented properties provide for a simpler way of writing properties in addition to reading them Furthermore, when it comes time to add something such as validation to the setter, any existing code that calls the property will not have to change even though the property declaration will have changed to include an implementation Throughout the remainder of the book, I will frequently use this C# 30 or later syntax without indicating that it is a C# 30 introduced feature

<extension-point= "orgeclipsegmfruntimecommonuiservicesmarkerNavigationProviders"> <MarkerNavigationProvider class="orgeclipsemindmapdiagramproviders MindmapMarkerNavigationProvider"> <MarkerType name="orgeclipsemindmapdiagramdiagnostic"/> <Priority name="Lowest"/> </MarkerNavigationProvider> </extension>

Naming Conventions Because the property name is FirstName, the field name changed from earlier listings to _FirstName Other common naming conventions for the private field that backs a property are _firstName and m_FirstName

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As addressed in the Group Tasks and Order Tasks patterns, the starting point in a dependency analysis is to group tasks based on constraints among them and then determine what ordering constraints apply to groups of tasks The next step, discussed here, is to analyze how data is shared among groups of tasks, so that access to shared data can be managed correctly Although the analysis that led to the grouping of tasks and the ordering constraints among them focuses primarily on the task decomposition, at this stage of the dependency analysis, the focus shifts to the data decomposition, that is, the division of the problem's data into chunks that can be updated independently, each associated with one or more tasks that handle the update of that chunk This chunk of data is sometimes called task local data (or just local data), because it is tightly coupled to the task(s) responsible for its update It is rare, however, that each task can operate using only its own local data; data may need to be shared among tasks in many ways Two of the most common situations

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API information: The value of the class attribute must represent a subclass of org eclipsegmfruntimecommoncoreserviceAbstractProvider that implements orgeclipsegmfruntimecommonuiservicesmarker IMarkerNavigationProvider For convenience, orgeclipsegmf runtimecommonuiservicesmarkerIMarkerNavigationProvider AbstractMarkerNavigationProvider is provided to be subclassed

(a holdover from C++ where the m stands for member variable), as well as the camel-case convention, just as with local variables3 Regardless of which naming pattern you use for private fields, the coding standard for public fields and properties is Pascal case Therefore, public properties should use the LastName and FirstName type patterns Similarly, if no encapsulating property is created around a public field, Pascal case should be used for the field

Using Properties with Validation Notice in Listing 519 that the Initialize() method of Employee uses the property rather than the field for assignment as well Although not required, the result is that any validation within the property setter will be invoked both inside and outside the class Consider, for example, what would happen if you changed the LastName property so that it checked value for null or an empty string, before assigning it to _LastName

When editing Strings on a diagram, the ParserService is responsible for returning an IParserProvider implementation that can handle Strings for the passed IAdaptable element The provided parser itself must implement the IParser interface, shown in Figure 10-32 Section 467, Custom Parsers, includes an example of a custom parser that was contributed to the color modeling diagram

class Employee { // public void Initialize( string newFirstName, string newLastName) { // Use property inside the Employee // class as well FirstName = newFirstName; LastName = newLastName; }

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