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Java is one of the first languages where an attempt was made to specify its memory model precisely The original specification has been criticized for imprecision as well as for not supporting certain synchronization idioms while at the same time disallowing some reasonable compiler optimizations A new specification for Java 2 15 is described in [JSRa] In this book, we assume the new specification Java allows variables to be declared as volatile When a variable is marked volatile, all writes to the variable are guaranteed to be immediately visible, and all reads are guaranteed to obtain the last value written Thus, the compiler takes care of memory synchronization issues for volatiles[4] In a Java version of a program containing the fragment (where done is expected to be set by another thread)

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SIZE_T dwSize,

Back to our EMF-generated RequirementsEditor, we see that each page is created as an anonymous subclass of ViewerPane This causes problems when trying to integrate our diagram into a page, so we can create an abstract RequirementsEditorPart class to use as a superclass for converting each page into its own EditorPart Create the new class in the orgeclipse requirementspresentation package that extends EditorPart and implements IMenuListener and IEditingDomainProvider as follows:

DWORD flAllocationType, DWORD flProtect);

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public abstract class RequirementsEditorPart extends EditorPart implements IMenuListener, IEditingDomainProvider { protected RequirementsEditor parentEditor; public RequirementsEditorPart(RequirementsEditor parent) { super(); thisparentEditor = parent; } protected static String getString(String key) { return RequirementsEditorPluginINSTANCEgetString(key); } public EditingDomain getEditingDomain() { return parentEditorgetEditingDomain(); } protected BasicCommandStack getCommandStack() { return ((BasicCommandStack) getEditingDomain()getCommandStack()); } protected AdapterFactory getAdapterFactory() { return ((AdapterFactoryEditingDomain) ((FileEditorInputProxy) getEditorInput())getEditingDomain())getAdapterFactory(); } protected void createContextMenuFor(StructuredViewer viewer) { MenuManager contextMenu = new MenuManager("#PopUp"); contextMenuadd(new Separator("additions")); contextMenusetRemoveAllWhenShown(true); contextMenuaddMenuListener(this); Menu menu = contextMenucreateContextMenu(viewergetControl()); viewergetControl()setMenu(menu); getSite()registerContextMenu(contextMenu, new UnwrappingSelectionProvider(viewer)); int dndOperations = DNDDROP_COPY | DNDDROP_MOVE | DNDDROP_LINK; Transfer[] transfers = new Transfer[] { LocalTransfergetInstance() }; vieweraddDragSupport(dndOperations, transfers, new ViewerDragAdapter(viewer));

specifically designates for execution or data To call it, you also need corresponding definitions in managed code for each data type; although common in Win32 programming, HANDLE, LPVOID, SIZE_T, and DWORD are undefined in the CLI managed code The declaration in C# for VirtualAllocEx(), therefore, is shown in Listing 203

From the point of view of the rule stated previously, reading a volatile variable is defined to have the same effect with regard to memory synchronization as acquiring a lock associated with the variable, whereas writing has the same effect as releasing a lock

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vieweraddDropSupport(dndOperations, transfers, new EditingDomainViewerDropAdapter(getEditingDomain(), viewer)); } public void doSave(IProgressMonitor monitor) { // nothing to do here this is handled by the parent editor } public void doSaveAs() { // nothing to do here this is handled by the parent editor } public void init(IEditorSite site, IEditorInput input) throws PartInitException { setSite(site); setInput(input); } public boolean isDirty() { return getCommandStack()isSaveNeeded(); } public boolean isSaveAsAllowed() { return true; } public void menuAboutToShow(IMenuManager manager) { // pass the request to show the context menu to the parent editor ((IMenuListener) parentEditorgetEditorSite() getActionBarContributor())menuAboutToShow(manager); } public abstract void setInput(Object input); }

Listing 203: Declaring the VirtualAllocEx() API in C#

using System; using SystemRuntimeInteropServices; class VirtualMemoryManager { [DllImport("kernel32dll")] internal static extern IntPtr GetCurrentProcess();

We actually don t want to use all of the EMF-generated pages in our multipage editor We ll use just a selection tree and a diagram, so we can remove the rest We create a new SelectionTreeEditorPart that extends our RequirementsEditorPart and migrate code from its original anonymous subclass of ViewerPane from the RequirementsEditor class, as shown here:

1 One particularly helpful resource for declaring Win32 APIs is wwwpinvokenet This provides a great starting point for many APIs, helping to avoid some of the subtle problems that can arise when coding an external API call from scratch

while (!done) {/*do something but don't change done*/}

public class SelectionTreeEditorPart extends RequirementsEditorPart { protected TreeViewer viewer; public SelectionTreeEditorPart(RequirementsEditor parent) { super(parent); } public void setInput(Object input) { viewersetInput(input); }

[DllImport("kernel32dll", SetLastError = true)] private static extern IntPtr VirtualAllocEx( IntPtr hProcess, IntPtr lpAddress, IntPtr dwSize, AllocationType flAllocationType, uint flProtect); }

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