TIFF Image Viewer SDK in C#.NET

Fully Functional TIFF Image Viewer in C# Project
Yiigo ASP.NET Tiff Viewer provides users and developers with powerful and robust TIFF image viewing and processing toolkit in C#.NET. We are able to view, annotate, zoom and crop TIFF images on this C# TIFF image viewer. TIFF image viewer SDK for C#.NET allows users to view single page and multi-page TIFF image with thumbnail-based preview on any location of the TIFF image viewer user interface.
Our C# TIFF image viewer library is an easy to use software. You don't need to install extra plugin or other applications to view and process TIFF images and web pages. It is zero-footprint and 100% clean for C# programmers. Below are some main features of Yiigo C#.NET TIFF viewer control.
  • User interface is customizable in Visual Studio C# project
  • Easy to save TIFF to other image formats and document types in C#.NET
  • Compatible with other image SDK add-ons in C#.NET
  • Creating, loading, saving and printing TIFF images with a mouse click in C#.NET
  • Provide thumbnail navigation preview and function buttons for C# users
  • Able to crop, zoom, despeckle and deskew TIFF image in C# project
  • Support viewing and processing forms with Yiigo image viewer using C# codes
Three Types of C#.NET Image Viewer
Yiigo has developed three kinds of TIFF image viewer, including Windows TIFF image viewer in C#.NET, ASP.NET web TIFF image viewer in C#.NET, mobile TIFF viewer in C#.NET. The following article will give you detailed introductions on the three types of TIFF image viewer component. Please have a look at their common features first.
  • It is easy for you to turn on or off the toolbar and move it to the top or the bottom of the user interface in C#.NET.
  • Several default features in the C# TIFF image viewer can be accessed from the toolbar: save, print, zoom, page navigation, pan, best fit, annotation and open.
  • The buttons in the toolbar can be chosen from the menu in the C# TIFF image viewer application. You can access the menu from the toolbar or right-click on the image.
  • C# TIFF image viewer allows you to open compressed TIFF images from local disk or the http server quickly. TIFF format supports JPEG/JPEG2000, JBIG/JBIG2, LZW, etc.
  • You can view your TIFF images by clicking the next page or previous page button, or from the thumbnail preview on the left side of the friendly C#.NET TIFF viewer interface.

C# Windows TIFF Viewer

Yiigo Windows TIFF viewer for C#.NET allows users to load, navigate, zoom out and zoom in, process and save TIFF image files in C# Windows project. It is a compact and sophisticated TIFF image program used as a desktop C# application. More information on this powerful Windows SDK can be found on C#.NET Windows TIFF image viewer SDK.

C# ASP.NET Web TIFF Viewer

As a browser-based TIFF image viewing SDK in C#.NET, this ASP.NET web TIFF image viewer enables users to view and process images directly on the mainstream browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and so on. You don't need to install another plug-in to edit your images. Besides it is compatible with other web applications.
Our web-based TIFF image viewing SDK pre-loads images for you. This feature saves your a lot of time in waiting for the images to display on the C# TIFF viewer. Moreover, you can hit slideshow and sit back to view the rest of images after you open the first image on your pc. More interesting features can be found on C# ASP.NET web TIFF image viewer SDK.

C# Mobile TIFF Viewer

Our mobile TIFF image viewer library is a great tool for viewing your TIFF format images quickly. High visual fidelity is one of its characteristics. It is compliant with iphone, ipad, ipod touch and Android. If you want to know more useful features, please refer to C#.NET mobile TIFF image viewer SDK.
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