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How to - Create a online image viewer

Yiigo offers easy document imaging solutions with Yiigo.Image for .NET. This document will aid you set up and create an ASP.NET AJAX Web Imaging Viewer. Make sure that you have installed all minimum environment requirements of OS, .NET Framework...[Read More]

FAQ - What kinds of Compression Schemes supported by Yiigo.Image for .NET

Yiigo.Image for .NET Compression SDK supports popular compression & decompression schemes, including JPEG Compression for photographic color and grayscale images; Wavelet / JPEG2000 Compression for JPEG2000 format; JBIG2 Compression for bi-tonal images & JBIG2 format...[Read More]

How to - How to annotate in documents & images with C# code?

Yiigo.Image for .NETprovides advanced annotation support, allowing developers to use many multiple Annotation types like ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle, metafile, stamp, rubber stamp, freehand etc.onto documents and images in bitonal, color and grayscale...[Read More]

Info - Different Postal Barcodes, including USPS & 4-State Barcodes

Yiigo supports several postal barcodes employed throughout the world by various post mail office systems, such as RM4SCC, Intelligent Mail, POSTNET, PLANET barcodes...[Read More]

How to - Add Barcodes to a YiigoImage on the web Viewer

Create, write barcodes from document & images can be easily achieved if you use our Yiigo ASP.NET AJAX Web Imaging Viewer. Over 20 industrial linear, postal & 2D can be detected with great ease...[Read More]
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