What is ISIS
ISIS, or Image and Scanner Interface Specification is an industry imaging-software interface standard created by Pixel Translations in 1990 (today: EMC captiva).
ISIS is an open standard for high-speed document scanning and handling framework, allowing users handles the process of scanning the image and the image processing and image handling as well. It has become one of the industry standards for high-speed scanning (the other is Twain). Currently, more and more application, scanner vendors and image processing related technology support this industry standard.
You may read, view, process and convert ISIS into other formats supported across multiple development environment and platforms with Yiigo.Image for .NET and Yiigo .NET ISIS Plugin.

ISIS Benefits

For software developers, it has assured hardware compatibility and complete control over all high-speed ISIS-driven scanners supported by EMC Corporation's PixTools. Additionally, ISIS-enabled toolkits and scanners reduce risk for developers and scanner manufacturers, as they have been subjected to a rigorous, time-proven testing procedure.
For end-users, ISIS-based applications provide flexibility and reliability to the end users. Besides, it saves money on hardware and software investment. That means, your may cut training time, maintenance costs and upgrade hassles if you ISIS-based applications.

ISIS Features

  • Support Interface using SCSI, USB, serial port, video, parallel port, GPIB, and proprietary interfaces
  • Easy to use, and users do not need to learn every interface of different scanners
  • Read, acquire images from disk, website, or database
  • Support scanning multipage image files
  • Control over scanner features, such as display, file writing, printing, and more
  • Scan at rated speed of scanner
  • Support image display
  • Support Automatic feeder, printer/endorsers, and transparency units
  • Support simplex and duplex scanning
  • Support scanners with multi-stream technology
  • Scan image include full-color, black-and-white, grayscale, binary or RGB color dropout
  • Allow to scan image in landscape orientation and rotate in realtime
  • Image scanning using ISIS may be compressed with JPEG2000, JPEG, JBIG2 and other common-used compression schemes

Additional Resources for ISIS Drawings Viewing and Conversion

  • Add ISIS scanning to Yiigo.Image for .NET
  • Acquire image files from ASP.NET AJAX Web based Image Viewer
  • Access and control ISIS-driven scanner property values
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