What is CAD, AutoCAD
CAD, short for CAD-Computer Aided Design, is a technology using computer systems to create draft, modify, analyze, or optimize a design mainly in technical drawing, engineering, architecture and other industries
As time goes on, more and more users use CAD software to industrial drafting for its superiority in increasing the productivity of the designer, improving the quality of design & communications through documentation, and creating a database for manufacturing.
Yiigo Document Imaging products can be used to read, view, process AutoCAD DWG and DXF formats and convert CAD drawings into other formats supported across multiple development environment and platforms, such as .NET Windows & Web, Java, Silverlight and more. You may read, view, process and convert AutoCAD DWG and DXF with Yiigo.Image for .NET and Yiigo .NET CAD Plugin.

Modern CAD Systems Functionality

  • Reuse of design components
  • Ease of design modification and versioning
  • Automatic generation of standard components of the design
  • Validation/verification of designs against specifications and design rules
  • Simulation of designs without building a physical prototype
  • Automatic design of assembly parts
  • Output of Engineering documents, such as manufacturing drawings, Bill of Materials
  • Design to the direct output of production equipment
  • Direct output of rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing industrial prototype machine
What is AutoCAD?
AutoCAD, also known as Auto Computer Aided Design is design software for CAD-Computer Aided Design, used for Two-dimensional drawing, detailed drawing, Design document and Basic 3D design. Both 2D and 3D formats are supported by AutoCAD. AutoCAD has two formats: one is .dwg - native file format; and the other, to a lesser extent .dxf - interchange file format. Our Document Imaging SDK supports AutoCAD DWG/DXF formats and you may find more information about CAD Drawings viewing, processing and conversion on Yiigo .NET CAD Reader.

AutoCAD Formats

  • AutoCAD DWG or DraWinG is a native binary file format used for storing two and three dimensional design data and metadata
  • AutoCAD DXF or Drawing Interchange Format is a CAD data file format for enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs.

Additional Resources for CAD Drawings Viewing and Conversion

  • View, process and annotate CAD Drawings files ASP.NET AJAX Web based Image Viewer
  • Convert CAD Drawings files to other image formats supported by Yiigo.Image for .NET
  • Convert image, PDF, Tiff to, from CAD Drawings files