Windows Image Viewer: Generate Barcode on Document

How to create, write barcodes for document image on the .NET Winforms
Yiigo delivers advanced barcode generation support for Windows Image viewer, allowing user to create, write linear, postal & 2D barcodes on document & images. Find more barcode generation information on Yiigo.Imaging for .NET Barcode Writing Plugin.
Yiigo.Imaging for .NET Barcode Generation Plugin has those following functionalities:
  • Generate, encode 20+ linear and 2D barcode types
  • Change barcode resolution in dpi
  • Encode supplement data for UPC/EAN, ISSN, ISBN barcodes
  • Automatically compute and apply checksum data for barcodes if have one
  • Change barcode text color, background color and foreground color
  • Rotate barcode image in 0, 90, 180, and degrees
  • Adjust barcode width & height, wide/narrow ratio, etc.
  • Save barcode separately or embedded in documents
This document provides complete user guide for creating, writing linear, postal & 2D barcodes from documents & image on Windows Image Viewer. Find more barcode generation tutorials on Barcode Generation Support for Visual C#.NET, VB.NET Barcode Generating and Web Imaging Viewer Barcode Writing Support.
Write Barcodes on Windows Image Viewer


Before writing barcode on the Windows Image Viewer, make sure that you have installed.

Generate a Barcode

  • Open your Windows Imaging Viewer and load a document on it;
  • Find the position you want to create barcode and click "Barcode Generate" button on the menu;
  • Choose barcode in "Barcode Type" and encode valid text according in "Data";
  • For linear barcode, compute Check Digit in "Apply Checksum";
  • For UPC/EAN, ISSN, ISBN barcodes, encode supplement barcode in "Supplement Data".

Change Barcode Property

  • Select a barcode, right-click it and select "Property";
  • Open the property table;
  • Go to "Barcode size" to change "Width", "Height", "Unit of Measure" and more;
  • Go to "Image & Color" to control "BackColor", "ForeColor", "Text Color", "Rotation", "Resolution" and more;
  • Go to "Text" to adjust "Font", and "Font Effects" and enable "Show Text" to make encoded text visible.

Save Barcode

  • Select a barcode, right-click it and select "Save";
  • Open the property table;
  • Choose formats in "Image Formats";
  • Click "Save Separately" to save barcode images to your local directory;
  • Click "Save with Document" to save document with barcode images embedded.
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