JBIG2 Viewing, Compression and Conversion

View, convert and Process JBIG2 in Yiigo .NET & Java Document Imaging SDK
Yiigo Document Imaging SDK and web viewers include support for the JBIG2 image formats to provide flexible and reliable solutions for viewing, annotating, converting, compressing and manipulating JBIG2 and bi-level images across multiple development environments and platforms. You may start your JBIG2 viewing, processing and conversion with Yiigo.Image for .NET.
What is JBIG2?
JBIG2 developed by Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group as an enhanced version for JBIG, is an image compression standard for bi-level images, particularly for faxes, but can also be used on other images. It provides advanced compression algorithm to encode & decode black and white image format that uses symbol recognition and substitution for very dramatic compression results.
When scanning documents or line art, JBIG2 offers between a 10% and 50% increase in compression efficiency over the Group 4 standard; for some images created by computer, it offers 500% increase compression efficiency; and for halftone or dithered grayscale image, it offers 2 to 30 folds improvement.

JBIG2 Features

  • Lossy or Lossless Compression: choose lossy and lossless data compression according to your needs
  • Quality-Progressive Coding and Content-Progressive coding
  • Segment the input page into regions of text, regions of halftone images, and regions of other data
  • Multipage TIFF and PDF files compression

JBIG2 Usage

JBIG2 standard is adopted by many industries and applied in:
  • Compress, decompress bit stream data, such as fax image compression, wireless data transmission, etc.
  • Internet, such as image encoding, teleconference, etc.
  • Document imaging, such as paper-based document scanning, storing and management
  • Spooling

Yiigo Document Imaging SDK for JBIG2:

Yiigo.Image for .NET: viewing, processing, annotation and conversion solutions for JBIG2 format in .NET Web and Windows applications.
Yiigo.Image for Java: viewing, processing, annotation and conversion solutions for JBIG2 format in Java web applications.
Yiigo .NET JBIG2 Codec: compress & decompress bi-level images in .NET Web and Windows applications.
Yiigo Java JBIG2 Codec: compress & decompress bi-level images in Java web applications.

Additional Resources for JBIG2 Viewing and Conversion

  • View, process and annotate JBIG2 files ASP.NET AJAX Web based Image Viewer
  • Convert JBIG2 files to other image formats supported by Yiigo.Image for .NET
  • Convert Word, PDF, Tiff to, from JBIG2 files
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