JPEG Processing, Conversion and Viewing

View, convert and Process JPEG in Yiigo .NET & Java Document Imaging SDK
Yiigo Document Imaging SDK supports for flexible and reliable solutions for rapid high-volume JPEG, JPEG EXIF image viewing, processing, annotation and conversion solutions across multiple development environments and platforms. You may start your JPEG viewing, processing and conversion with Yiigo.Image for .NET.
What is JPEG?
JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is standard image compression format supporting 8-bit & 24-bit true color and commonly used on Internet using ".jpg" or ".jpeg" as the file name suffix. JPEG often uses lossy data compression for digital photography (image), which compresses data by discarding (losing) some of it. Now, Progressive JPEG has been developed based on JPEG standard which uses lossless data compression, however, not widely supported in products.
Now, JPEG is the most popular image file format on the Internet, which can compress the files with minimum memory storage. JPEG is a flexible image file format, allowing users to adjust image quality and compress images with different compression ratio. Often, JPEG compression ratio is ranging from 10:1 to 40:1: the higher the compression ratio, the lower the quality of images; on the contrary, the lower the compression ratio, the higher the quality of images. For instance, Adobe Photoshop provide 11 compression levels to store images using JPEG format: Level 0 represents the highest compression ratio and the worst image quality. If you save image using BMP file format, you may use 4.28 memory storages; however, using JPEG, only need 178KB.

JPEG Usage

Due to its smallest memory storage and convenience, JPEG is adopted by many industries and can be used:
  • Web usages for image upload &download, exchanging, etc.
  • Some scientific and medical imaging applications and certain technical image processing work
Yiigo Document Imaging SDK for JPEG:
Yiigo.Image for .NET: viewing, processing, annotation and conversion solutions for JPEG format in .NET Web and Windows applications.
Yiigo.Image for Java: viewing, processing, annotation and conversion solutions for JPEG format in Java web applications.

Additional Resources for JPEG Viewing and Conversion

  • View, process and annotate JPEG files ASP.NET AJAX Web based Image Viewer
  • Convert JPEG files to other image formats supported by Yiigo.Image for .NET
  • Convert Word, PDF, Tiff to, from JPEG files
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