C#.NET Image Conversion SDK to Convert Image

Convert Image to Byte or Stream in C#; Convert Word or PDF to Image in C#.NET
This .NET image converting control SDK has two main functions. One is to convert image to other data formats and the other is to convert other document image formats into image files. And this C#.NET image rendering tutorial page will present the mature image converting features of this C#.NET image converter component plug-in.
Why Choose
In this section, we will summarize the main features of this .NET image converting control add-on. And if you want to have a deep understanding of this C# image rendering component SDK, just download the trial version and test its mature image converting functions in your C#.NET imaging application.

Simple to Install and Easy to Use

Different from other C#.NET image converter SDKs, this image rendering plug-in encodes all advanced image converting APIs into several dlls. Therefore, you can easily and successfully integrate this professional C#.NET image converting solution into your .NET developing class by adding reference.

Support Multiple Image Formats in C#

If the image that you want to convert is png, gif, tiff, bmp, jpeg or some other common image formats, this C# image converting control add-on is quite suitable.

Able to Convert Image to Byte or Stream in C#

This C# image converting control add-on allows developers to convert image file from PC local files into byte array or memory stream.

Able to Convert Other Document Files into Images in C#

Apart from the function to convert image to memory stream or byte array, this C#.NET image converting control add-on also enables developers to convert document files, like Word or PDF, to image formats.

Support Image Converting Application Using VB.NET

Written in managed C#.NET code, this .NET image rendering control add-on is compatible with several .NET programming languages, including Visual C#.NET code and Visual Basic .NET code.

Convert Image at Different C#.NET Developing Platforms

C# Image Converting Process
Now we will illustrate the working principles that this C#.NET image converting control add-on has used in document and image rendering process.

Convert Image to Byte Array or Stream

As a component of Yiigo.Image for .NET, this C#.NET image converter control owns its own APIs to decode and read various image formats. Thus, you can easily convert image to byte array or render image to stream using corresponding image reading & converting APIs. For instance, if you want to convert png image format to stream in C# code, you need to decode source image using PNGReader and then use provided conversion APIs.

Convert PDF or Word to Image

If integrated with C#.NET PDF reading control add-on or C#.NET Word reading control add-on, this .NET image converter library toolkit can easily decode source PDF or Word page into an image object. Then using the image encoding APIs that are contained in this C#.NET image converting control add-on, you can easily save and convert decoded image object into desired image format.
One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that in C#.NET Word to image converting application or C#.NET PDF to image rendering project, you are allowed to define the compression algorithm of converted image format. Of course, you can just let the imaging system to decide which image compression method will be used in the image rendering process.
Besides the image converting functions, do you have any interest in other C#.NET image programming tutorials, like image editing, image annotating and image watermarking? If yes, please view more C#.NET imaging tutorials on this page.
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