C#.NET Imaging SDK to View, Edit and Annotate Image

Comprehensive C#.NET Imaging APIs for Mature Image Processing & Viewing Applications
Our .NET imaging control SDK provides a series of efficient C#.NET solutions for developers to have a better management of document image files. Nowadays, there is always a large volume of document files to be transmitted, viewed and processed within a modern enterprise or institution. Therefore, an efficient document management system becomes increasingly important to the improvement of an enterprise's productiveness. And this C#.NET online tutorial will give you a brief introduction of all the advanced imaging functions that Yiigo .NET image programming SDK has owned.
How This C#.NET Imaging SDK Serve You
This .NET Imaging SDK for C# owns most comprehensive APIs for programmers to read, edit, decode, encode, view and annotate various image formats and rich document files in several .NET developing platforms, like ASP.NET web application and Windows Forms project. And we here briefly list and illustrate the main functions of supported C#.NET imaging features.

Easy to Use

The easy-to-use feature of this C#.NET imaging SDK is not only displayed in the quick installation but also presented via its strong capacity to load image from stream or string and its ability to save and print source file. Read more about how to get started with .NET imaging SDK in C#.

Provide Mature Doc Management Solution

If you want to know detailed guidance on how to use this C#.NET imaging SDK for your Doc Management System, please read this tutorial.

Able to Create Professional Web Document Viewer

If you want to view document file in web browsers, this .NET imaging SDK is also suitable. Apart from the document image viewing functions, it also allows C#.NET developers to annotate, process, resize, open and save source document image file by creating a fully customized C#.NET web document viewer.

Easy Deployment

Yiigo.Image for .NET makes it extremely easy for developers to deploy a client ASP.NET web or WinForms imaging application in C# without registering any COM component.

Read & View Several Document Files Using C# Code

If you want to process and read document file, like PDF, Word, TIFF or DICOM, using C#.NET programming code, try this Visual .NET imaging SDK.

Edit & Annotate Image Format with Rich Imaging Effects

This C#.NET imaging SDK owns the APIs to process image formats, like image resizing, cropping, rotating, scaling, flipping, thumbnail creating and watermarking, annotate & convert image file and add text or graphics on source image file. View more at this C#.NET image SDK programming tutorial page.

Add Mature Barcode Creating & Reading to C# Project

Mature C#.NET barcode creating and barcode scanning functions are also supported by this Yiigo.Image for .NET.

Offer C# Twain Scanning APIs for Advanced Image Capturing

Twain scanning technologies have been widely used in document capturing applications. And this C#.NET imaging SDK allows developers to achieve multiple Twain scanning functions, like duplex scanning and text imprinting.

Support Fast C#.NET OCR Image Recognition Functions

The OCR image recognition functions encoded in Yiigo.Image for .NET allow C#.NET developers to OCR color image and distinguish between OCR region types using Visual C#.NET programming code.
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If you want to integrate advanced .NET imaging SDK into VB.NET developing application, please visit this VB.NET online tutorial page for how to use Yiigo.Image for .NET in VB.NET imaging application.
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