Create Web-Based Doc Image Viewer Using C# Code

C#.NET Imaging SDK to Display & Edit Image Online in .NET Developing Application
This C#.NET online image viewer control SDK is a .NET component that is designed to help developers display, process and annotate document image files in any .NET web-based applications. Therefore, using the easy to use APIs that are offered by this .NET online image viewer SDK, C# programmers can easily build a modern doc image viewer in most common web browsers for users to open, read, edit and mark source image file via intuitive interface.
What You Can Do with C# Web Doc Image Viewer
Now, to help you have a better understanding of this C#.NET online document image viewing library component, which is from Yiigo Document Image SDK, we here specifically illustrate its main online doc image viewing & reading functions.

Support Multiple Web Browsers

As this C#.NET web image viewer SDK adopts advanced HTML processing technologies, you can integrate it with many web browsers, like IE, Firefox and Chrome. And here we provide a step-by-step Visual C# .NET programming tutorial for developers to build an advanced document image viewer online.

Open, Save, Print & Scan Source Image File

To meet programmers' various image file importing and exporting requirements, this C#.NET web document image viewing control add-on offers the APIs to load doc image from web server or PC files, save doc image to string or stream, print target doc image file and scan source doc image online. View more at C#.NET online doc image file operating tutorial page.

Easy to View Multi-page Doc Image File

With the purpose to help programmers have a better viewing & processing over multiple document image files, we expressly design some unique functions for developers to manage source file pages. For instance, you can add or delete certain page to / from source file. Moreover, this C#.NET web image viewer control add-on enables developers to rotate doc image file to 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees. To view more, please read this C#.NET guide on operating doc image pages online.

Offer Zoom In & Zoom Out Functions

The Zoom-in & Zoom-out functions provided by this C#.NET web document image viewer SDK allow developers to resize source document image file proportionally. If you want to know how small it can zoom the source file out or how big it can zoom the source file in, please visit this C#.NET web document image zooming tutorial.

Able to Annotate Source Image Online

When you are viewing a doc file online, do you need to mark the file or add some content to it? If yes, you may have a strong interest in this C#.NET web document image annotating feature. And this C#.NET online doc image annotation tutorial illustrates how to annotate source doc image file with various annotating types in web application.

Provide Rich Doc Image Editing Functions

This .NET web doc image viewer SDK also enables C# developers to process & edit source file online. For instance, using the cropping function, you can remove unwanted part from target file. Or you can make the doc image look aged by performing antique imaging effect. View more at C#.NET web doc image processing tutorial.

Enable Developers to Customize Web Viewer Interface

Sometimes, you may be asked to build a web doc image viewer which only allows users to open & view doc file. Then, you have to disable other doc image processing or annotating functions in your online doc viewer. This C# guide will help you create a customized web doc image viewer with your own commands.
Besides, we here also provide a tutorial for creating web doc image viewer using VB.NET code. If you want to build a web viewer that is only used for PDF files, please visit C#.NET PDF web viewer creating guide. Want to read more C#.NET imaging guidance? Just follow this C# image programming tutorial.
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