Visual C#.NET - How to Create, Open Images

C# Tutorial on How to Open and Generate High-quality Image Documents
Yiigo.Image for .NET provides various easy-to-use image viewing and processing features, with which users can access images, view/display images, capture/read image pictures, edit and process images, as well as clean up or annotate image documents in C# and VB.NET. Various image formats are supported including PNG, JPEG, TIFF/ Multi-Page TIFF, GIF and more.
In the following sections, detailed demonstration will be provided as how to create and open image documents through Visual C#.NET programming. Developers or users can follow instructions below step by step to easily achieve high-quality image creation and reading with the C# sample codes.
C# Guide - How to Create an Image

C# Image Creation - Preparation

  • Download Yiigo.Image for .NET: Please firstly download trial version of Yiigo.Image for .NET online.
  • Install Yiigo.Image for .NET: Unzip the download file, and double click to run the setup.
  • Activate Yiigo.Image for .NET Eval License: When installation is complete, follow the wizard to activate evaluation license to use the library dll.

C# Image Creation - Image Parameters

  • Before you start, there are some image related parameters to know so you can adjust image output.
  • Width, is a parameter specifying how wide the image is, as measured in pixel.
  • Height, is a parameter specifying how tall the image is, as measured in pixel.
  • Resolution is a parameter specifying how many pixels span a unit of measure, as in pixel per inch.
  • Pixel Format, is a parameter specifying how the pixels will represent color.

C# Image Creation - Start Now

  • Start your Microsoft Visual Studio, and open your C#.NET imaging project;
  • Add Yiigo.Image.dll to your project reference and copy the following sample code to create an image.
  • Now you have successfully generated an image from scratch with C# image dll. An image with given width and height in 24 bit per pixel color using RGB color model.
  • You can make change to any of the parameters if necessary.
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing.Printing;
using Yiigo.Imaging;

YiigoImage image = new YiigoImage (width, height, PixelFormat.Pixel24bppBgr);
C# Guide - How to Open an Image

Open an C# Image - Start Now

  • You can open an image with the easy way, i.e. to use a path to an image file or to an URL.
  • Open your Visual C#.NET imaging project.
  • Add reference to your Yiigo.Image for .NET library dll.
  • Copy the following C# sample code to your project to open an image. Supported images support PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and so on.
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing.Printing;
using Yiigo.Imaging;
using Yiigo.Imaging.Processing;

//Open a local image by specifying the path to it.
YiigoImage image = new YiigoImage("csharp_test_image.gif");

//Open an image by specifying corresponding URL.
YiigoImage image = new YiigoImage("");
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