How to Create C# PDF Mobile Viewer

Detailed Visual C# .NET Guide to Building a PDF Viewer for Mobile Devices
As a comprehensive image and document enterprise solution provider, Yiigo understand the ever growing need for mobile document reader. As a result, we have designed this Visual C# .NET PDF document reading for mobile devices, which is compatible with Android and iOS applications.
This control library SDK makes your PDF working and processing on the go quite easy and free. Using this Visual C# .NET PDF component DLL, you can open & load a PDF document, fill out forms, add & delete pages, sign & annotate PDF files, create new PDF doc, edit and save PDFs simply with your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
Additionally, this Yiigo Visual C# PDF document add-on library provides you with graphical user interface. Its intuitive PDF editing interface makes it so easy to interact with your PDF file that you might feel it is just like you are working on your desktop.
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C# PDF Mobile Viewer Features
  • Easy to integrate into your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android cell phone, tablet, etc.
  • Quickly open a PDF document from the web (online page), email attachment, or other sources
  • Support searching user defined content from a PDF with this C# mobile reader
  • Simple to zoom in and out any page within a C# PDF document
  • Able to create, save and load bookmarks for a PDF file with this C# viewer
  • Efficient navigation for directly going to any page within this viewer
  • Free to add any annotation / comment on the PDF document in your mobile project
  • Using this C# PDF mobile viewer to add, delete a single PDF page or document as you wish
  • Easy to edit, sign and save C# PDF doc for future use
How to Create C# PDF Mobile Viewer
This Visual C# .NET PDF document mobile viewer is based on Yiigo .NET Image SDK technology, which provides your powerful support for accurate and fast PDF document file reading, viewing and processing capacities into your C# mobile projects, such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and cell phone projects.
This high performance C# PDF Document library is both lightweight and fast for PDF file processing. Inherited form the desktop .NET PDF processing SDK, it is undoubtedly one of the best cross platform PDF editor for mobile applications.

C# PDF Mobile Viewer Functionality

  • Compatible with PDF document standard
  • Support all kinds of PDF file annotation such as text, highlight, freehand line, hotspot, etc.
  • Editing and saving bookmark in the C# PDF file
  • Highly accurate PDF document from scratch using C# codings
  • Converting PDF document into other formats such as png, jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp
  • Easy to turn other documents into PDFs, including multi-page TIFF, MS Word, etc.
  • Share and send out PDF file as an email attachment

Guiding Steps for Integration

Yiigo Visual C# PDF processing add-on library is a small, fast and yet complete solution for mobile application developers. In order to create a Visual C# PDF viewer for mobile devices, you need to download a complete Yiigo Image SDK for .NET package to get it started.
  • Download Yiigo Image SDK for .NET, including PDF document library, from online page ;
  • Unzip the evaluation SDK and you will find all the necessary .NET assemblies for PDF processing listed the bin folder;
  • Double click to run the executable file to get a valid license generated in a text file;
  • Now you have all the libraries needed and license ready for your application building. Please view further guidance from the download package.
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