How to Process PDF Document in C#.NET

Able to Create, Merge, Split and Print PDF Documents in C#
This C# .NET PDF Document Processing Library is completely written in the managed Visual C#.NET, which allows developers to process multi-page PDF documents in .NET Framework 2.0 and above. Besides, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 versions are truly supportive.
With this advanced and high-quality PDF Document Processing Component, it is simple to create standard PDF files in C#.NET. Meanwhile, users are able to merge different PDF documents, split a multi-page PDF document as well as extract text from a PDF document. PDF documents created with this component are compatible with most printers.
In addition to functions stated above, this C# PDF Document Processing SDK has other useful functions, such as rotate PDF page, insert blank PDF page, add or delete a PDF document page and sort order of PDF pages.
As PDF documents are widely used due to its document-level security, a professional PDF Processing SDK seems to be significant. We kindly offer detailed function description of our C#.NET PDF Processing Library on this page in order to help users find suitable guide for different applications in Visual C#.
PDF Processing Functions in Visual C#.NET

Extract Text from PDF in C#.NET

Sometimes, we need to extract text content from original PDF document for other usage and the PDF text extraction function of this C#.NET PDF Document Library meets this need easily. Besides, extracted text information can be exported to a XML version.

Create PDF Document in C#.NET

Users are allowed to create a PDF document in C#.NET application based on their own needs if our C#.NET PDF Document Plugin is used. This PDF Plugin also supports users to control the page size of created PDF documents and edit on PDF files. What's more, created PDF documents can be saved to file, Istream and Stream. To get more information on PDF document generation in C# class, click here to view the step-by-step tutorial.

Merge PDF Documents in C#.NET

In daily office works, we often to need to merge different PDF documents into one. It is easy to achieve this in Visual C# applications using the PDF Document Merging Functionality of our advanced C#.NET PDF Document SDK. If you are not familiar with it, the tutorial offered on our website will tell how to merge PDF documents in C# class in detail.

Split PDF Document in C#.NET

The problem of splitting PDF document in C#.NET can be easily solved with our C#.NET PDF Document Addon. As we all know, it is necessary to open your PDF document before you split it. Don't forget to save your PDF document after splitting. If you want to realize it in C#.NET, you may refer to our guideline for splitting PDF document in C# project.

Print PDF Document in C#.NET

This C#.NET PDF Document Component provides PDF viewing and printing support. Comprehensive Visual C# sample code is also offered to guide developers to print PDF documents. Before use our professional component, you may make certain that necessary C#.NET development environment requirements are met.
Other PDF Related Controls in C#.NET
  • Web PDF Viewing - The flexible PDF Document Web Viewer enables users to open various PDF documents on the web with your browser and no other third party tools are required.
  • Windows PDF Viewing - Developers are allowed to view PDF documents in Windows Forms applications with this high-quality Windows PDF Viewer.
  • PDF Conversion - No matter you want to convert PDF document to Bitmap, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Svg or Tiff in C#.NET applications, this powerful PDF conversion library will help you realize it.
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