How to Convert PDF to Images in Visual C#

Easily Convert PDF Document into Various Image Formats Using C# Codes
This article is a guiding page for PDF to image conversion in Visual C# .NET development environment. In the following paragraphs, we will introduce PDF file format and Yiigo Visual C# .NET PDF converting library SDK to you in the first place, and then we will show you how to easily convert your local PDF document to different image formats in C#.
Visual C# .NET PDF Conversion Library SDK Introduction

PDF Document Format Overview

PDF, i.e. Portable Document Format, is a file format generally used for representing document in an independent way, regardless what application software / hardware or operating system you are using. A PDF document can contain all kinds of data, such as text, fonts, graphics / pictures as well as other data types.
With such a versatile data preserving function, PDF can be very helpful for storing your data and is indeed widely used at present. However, users need to install a third party tool to read a PDF document, such as Adobe PDF reader or Foxit PDF reader, which might not available in some .NET programming cases. Also, if you store too much information in a PDF doc, the file size tends to grow large, making it slow to load and process the document. In this case, you might want to consider converting your PDF document into image format, especially when only a few pages are concerned.

PDF File to Image Format Visual C# Converter

Yiigo .NET Image SDK is a professional and reliable image & document processing control library SDK (Software Development Kit), which includes a powerful C# PDF reader to help developers & programmers add PDF converting and other imaging capacities into their Visual C# .NET program.
  • Easy to convert a single page or multiple PDF pages into image formats using Visual C# programming
  • Able to perform batch mode processing for PDF to image conversion in Visual C# .NET application
  • Support a wide variety of raster images and vector images for PDF conversion
  • Able to control the format, orientation, compression scheme of the image converted from PDF in C#
  • Users can optimize the image quality by customizing the image resolution for PDF conversion
  • Compatible with various .NET development environments including MS Visual Studio
  • Can be deployed to various .NET projects to convert PDF, like in VB.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, etc
  • Fast PDF to image converting speed with best image output
Visual C# Instructions for Converting PDF Document

Supported Image Formats for PDF Conversion

  • PDF to BMP: Converting PDF document / page to BMP (bitmap) using Visual C#
  • PDF to GIF: Converting PDF file / page to GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) with Visual C#
  • PDF to JPG: Converting PDF document / page to JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) in Visual C#
  • PDF to PNG: Converting PDF file / page to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) using Visual C# programming
  • PDF to SVG: Converting PDF document / page to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) with Visual C# codings
  • PDF to TIFF: Converting PDF file / page to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format or Tag Image File Format) in C#

Requirements & Deployment

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 (32 & 64-bits)
  • Development Environment: .NET Framework 2.0 and above, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later
  • Application Deployment: Visual C# Windows Application, ASP.NET Web Application, etc

Convert PDF to Images in C# Now

  • Download Yiigo .NET Image SDK trial package and unzip;
  • Activate an evaluation license by running the executable file and then copy to your C# project;
  • Copy Yiigo.Image.dll & Yiigo.PDF.dll to your project and add then them to reference;
  • Now the PDF converter is successfully integrated into your Visual C# program, and you can start programming for conversion.
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