Convert PDF to TIFF Within C#.NET Project

How to Convert PDF to TIFF in C# Class by Using Yiigo .NET Image Converting Library
In some situation, using e-faxing for instance, users may need to convert PDF file to TIFF format. Yiigo .NET image converting components are capable of automatically detecting PDF file and converting it to multi-page TIFF document within Visual C#.NET project. Yiigo C#.NET PDF to TIFF converter is a .NET Framework based utility that enables users to quickly render and convert single or a list of PDF pages into TIFF image file.
How to Start to Convert PDF to TIFF
Starting converting PDF to TIFF file should begin with the construction of C#.NET PDF converting application. In this section, we will show you the detailed step-by-step tips on how to create and build the required C#.NET application for rendering and converting PDF document to TIFF.
However, there are some platform-capacity demands for using our .NET image converting control in C#.NET program. So, first, please be sure that you have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 or any later version and .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 or the greater. And then, you need to go to "" to download & install the latest Yiigo .NET imaging SDK and activate your developer license.
  • Open and start your Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • Create required C#.NET application (like WinForms application) using "Visual C# Programming Language" in "New Project" dialog box;
  • Drag and paste your unique license key under the C# Windows project folder;
  • Add "Yiigo.Image.dll", "Yiigo.PDF.dll" and "Yiigo.TIFF.dll" libraries via right-clicking the "Add Reference..." from the drop-down menu of "Solution Explorer". (Yiigo.Image.dll - one of the most important dlls for all C#.NET image reading, processing, converting and saving operations, which offers the core APIs and methods; Yiigo.PDF.dll - if you want to load, view, annotate, convert, compress and process PDF document within C#.NET document imaging application, you need this .NET PDF document library; Yiigo.TIFF.dll - compiled 100% in managed C#.NET, its function is similar with .NET PDF Document Control DLL that controls the entire manipulations for TIFF document reading and editing.)
Convert PDF to TIFF with Demo Methods
As we all know, PDF document is a good choice for preserving the integrity of image, text and font, but it can be a little difficult if we want to manipulate or edit PDF directly in C# imaging program. Converting PDF file to TIFF solves the problem, allowing for opening, editing and saving with ease.
Please feel free to integrate following demo methods into your C#.NET program to render and convert PDF document to TIFF file as well as to reach other PDF conversions in C#.NET, like PDF to PNG, PDF to GIF, PDF to BMP and PDF to JPEG.
YGPage PDFDocument.ObtainPage(int pageIdx);
YGImage PDFPage.toPic();
YGImage PDFPage.toPic(int height, int width);
void YGFile.SavePic(YGPic image, String filePath);
What sounds interesting and marvelous is that Yiigo C#.NET image converting SDK still enables users to convert TIFF to PDF, vice versa, within C#.NET TIFF document reading application.
Convert PDF to TIFF by Using C# Code
According to above APIs and methods, Visual C# programmers can see clearly that there are two steps that need to be finished for converting PDF to TIFF:
  • One is using PDF rendering option to render the embed single or multiple PDF file into image form - YGPic in C# program;
  • And the other is converting the rendered PDF document page(s) into TIFF file.

Render PDF Document

public List<YGPic> ObtainYGPictureForPDFDocument(PDFDocument doc)
List<YGPic> imageList = new List<YGPic>();
for (int i = 0; i < doc.ObtainPageNumber(); i++)
PDFPage tmpPage = (PDFPage)doc.ObtainPage(i);
YGPic tmpImage = (YGPic)tmpPage.ToPic();
return imageList;

Convert PDF to TIFF

public void ConvertPDFToTIFF(PDFDocument doc)
List< YGPic> imageList = ObtainYGPicForPDFDocument(doc);
int imgCount = 1;

foreach (YGPic img in imageList)
YGPic.SavePic(img, @"D:\"ygconvertdemo.tiff");
This page only provides complete Visual C#.NET samples for converting PDF to TIFF by using Yiigo .NET image converting toolkit. Please find more PDF conversion tutorials on VB.NET PDF conversion to TIFF, PDF to TIFF conversion support of web document imaging viewer and converting PDF to TIFF in .NET Windows Forms.
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