C#.NET Programming SDK for Image Resizing

How to Resize Image & Photo Using C#.NET Demo Code
This C#.NET image resizer control add-on, a component from Yiigo.Image for .NET, allows developers to tailor the size of source image file at any defined specifications programmatically. Without using any external image editing SDK, this C#.NET image resizing library component offers mature APIs for programmers to resize image in .NET developing applications.
Programming Guide for Image Resizing
This online tutorial aims to guide developers to resize image using Yiigo .NET image resizer control component. From this C#.NET image resizing guide page, you can not only find detailed feature illustration but also find the sample C#.NET programming code for fast image resizing.

General C#.NET Image Resizing Process

In this part, we briefly talk about the steps that are involved in the whole C#.NET image resizing process.
  • Decode and load source image file from PC files or web server into your C#.NET imaging application;
  • Create a corresponding in-memory image object as this C#.NET image resizer control add-on owns its own APIs to decode various image formats;
  • Define the width value and height value of source image object respectively using image resizing API;
  • Save resized image object into original image format. Of course, if you want to save resized image file into other image formats, this C#.NET image resizer control add-on is also suitable. And supported image formats contain bmp, gif, tiff, jpeg and png.

Sample C#.NET Code to Resize Image

Here we attach a sample C#.NET code to help you better use this .NET image resizing function. If you want to resize image using Visual Basic programming language, please visit VB.NET image resizing tutorial page. Besides, apart from image resizing function, Yiigo.Image for .NET Process Library also provides other image processing functions, like image rotating and image flipping. Before testing our .NET image resizer control add-on with following C#.NET demo code, please get your valid developer license first.
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing.Printing;
using Yiigo.Image;
using Yiigo.Image.Process;

using YGPic Image = new YGPic();
string ImageID = (@"C:\ yiigo_example.jpg ");
float ImageWidth = "300";
float ImageHeight = "500";
Image.YGPicProcessResize(@"C:\ yiigo_example.jpg", "300", "500");
Image.Save(@"C:\ yiigo_example.jpg");
This C#.NET image resizing control library offers you the APIs to adjust the width & height of source image file, but it does not enable you to remove part of target image. Thus, if you want to remove certain part from source image, you can visit C#.NET image cropping tutorial page. Besides, C#.NET image processing control SDK also contains professional image scaling API, which allows developers to adjust the source image size while maintaining the image width to height ratio.
C#.NET Image Resizer SDK Features
In the above sections, we mainly guide you to use this .NET image resizer control add-on. And now we will tell you the benefits of using this image resizing control add-on in C#.NET class application.

Easy to Install

As it encodes all mature image resizing functions into several imaging libraries, this C#.NET image size adjusting control can be easily installed into .NET imaging application as project reference.

Adjust the Source Image Size Easily and Quickly

This .NET image resizer control add-on enables C# developers to adjust source image file by specifying the image width & height directly.

Resize Image in ASP.NET Web Application and Windows Forms Project

Designed for .NET developing applications, this .NET image resizing control add-on for C# can be used in both web applications and Windows projects. And it is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.

Resized Image File Can Be Saved as String or Stream

With this C#.NET image resizing control add-on, you are empowered to save resized image as image format or memory stream.

Own High Compatibility with Other C#.NET Imaging SDKs

This C#.NET image resizing control add-on is able to work greatly with other C#.NET imaging controls for achieving more imaging effects.
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