C#.NET TIFF Image File Project Starting Tutorial

Create, Load and Save TIFF Images in C# Application
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is an open image format normally used for storing images in different color spaces with C# .NET TIFF image file application. Since it has many advantages over other image formats, Yiigo.Image for .NET has developed professional multipage TIFF image processing SDK in C# to open, load, view, display, convert and process TIFF images.
In this tutorial, you will have a complete grasp on TIFF image format and how to use our TIFF image SDK package in C# to create, load and save TIFF images. This tutorial demonstrates from the following aspects.
  • Advantages of TIFF image file in C#.NET
  • Requirements of installing C# TIFF image SDK
  • How to create TIFF image in C#.NET
  • How to load TIFF image in C#.NET
  • How to save TIFF image in C#.NET
Advantages of TIFF Image File in C#.NET
There are many image types such as PNG, GIF, BMP, etc. Why do we use TIFF image format? What advantages do TIFF image format have compared with other image formats? Why does Yiigo develop C# TIFF image SDK?
TIFF is a flexible and adaptable image file format. Many image file formats only support containing information such as image width, height, color and type in a fixed field, while TIFF image file format allows C# users to store information in a flexible set of fields. This is called tag with image dimensions and other information. TIFF is able to store more information in a single image file with lean image header.
TIFF image format is able to handle different color spaces, bit depths, data types and compression schemes with C# TIFF image SDK control. Many image formats are designed to adopt one image compression method. But TIFF image enables users to apply many image compression solutions, such as JPEG, JBIG, LZW, etc. The same goes for color space, bit depth and data type.
TIFF image file format adopts lossless compression in C#.NET. It is commonly used for image archiving. We often convert other image formats to TIFF through our TIFF image converter add-on in C# for this archiving purpose. Below are detailed descriptions on how to start TIFF image file in C#.NET.
Requirements of Installing C# TIFF Image SDK
If you want to install our TIFF image SDK on your pc, three essential requirements are needed. They are Visual Studio 2005 or above versions, .NET Framework 2.0 or advanced version, Microsoft XP or later versions. With activated image SDK license, you are now able to use TIFF image SDK in C#.NET Windows or ASP.NET web application.
How to Create TIFF Image in C#.NET
TIFF image SDK for C#.NET enables users and developers to create TIFF images or TIFF documents in C# application. You can generate TIFF image in a few lines of C# codes. You can create your own style of TIFF image by customizing width, height, color, etc. TIFF image SDK component in C#.NET also allows you to create new images from stream or byte array.
How to Load TIFF Image in C#.NET
Yiigo.Image for .NET supports loading single and mulit-page TIFF image from local file folder, .NET graphics and http server with a few lines of codes. If you set our C# TIFF image application as your default program, all you need to do is double-clicking the TIFF image you want to open. It is a 100% managed TIFF image SDK application integrated well with Visual Studio in .NET Framework.
How to Save TIFF Image in C#.NET
TIFF image file SDK library allows you to save redacted and processed TIFF images and documents in various image formats and documents types such as PNG, GIF, PDF, Word, DICOM. Our TIFF image file SDK control in C# also supports saving bi-level images to grayscale or color TIFF images on your local disk or memory at your desire.
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