Conduct TIFF File Conversion in C#.NET

Convert TIFF File to PDF, Word, JPEG and More Image Formats in C# Class
Yiigo Tiff Image Conversion Control for C#.NET enables developers and users to convert Tiff document to various document & image file formats in C# class. They can convert Tiff file to or from these image and document formats, including HTML, PDF, Word, Text, JPEG, GIF and BMP. Yiigo C#.NET Tiff Image Conversion SDK allows users to finish Tiff conversion in C#.NET applications at a fast speed.
Our C#.NET Tiff Image Conversion Control is completely developed in .NET environment using Visual C# language. For practical application, .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions should be installed. In addition, our Tiff Image Conversion Library supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010. It can be used on computers installed one of these operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc.
Convert TIFF File to Other Formats in C#.NET

Convert TIFF to HTML in C#.NET

It is easy to convert Tiff file to HTML in C# programming without using any external component. An online user guide has illustrated how to create a C#.NET project in Visual Studio to convert Tiff image file to HTML with a simple solution. Our C#.NET Tiff to HTML Conversion API is a mature and reliable control that will not affect the quality of target image file when conducting conversion in Visual C# programming.

Convert TIFF to PDF in C#.NET

Tiff image is an image format usually applied to word processing and optical character recognition. But if you want to store documents as a combination of text and image data without losing the original formatting intact, the PDF document is preferred. You can convert Tiff file to PDF document with this C#.NET Tiff to PDF Conversion Control. You can also convert PDF document to Tiff file by referring to this PDF to Tiff conversion tutorial.

Convert TIFF to Word in C#.NET

C#.NET Tiff Image Conversion SDK allows you to convert Tiff image to Microsoft Word documents (both .doc and .docx formats). This SDK not only supports conversion of Tiff files, but also supports editing, printing and saving of Tiff files. A user-friendly interface is provided to help users convert Tiff files to your editable Word files while preserving the original layout. It supports converting numerous Tiff files to Word documents at one time or converting a multi-page Tiff file to a multi-page Word document.

Convert TIFF to Text in C#.NET

In this section, you will see how to convert single-page or multiple-page Tiff file(s) to text file(s) through the "TiffDocuemntConvert" solution with C# sample code. Our Tiff to Text Conversion SDK may be helpful if you want to change Tiff file into text format. If you are intending to save your Tiff document in text format, this C#.NET Tiff to Text conversion tutorial will guide you in detail.

Convert TIFF to JPEG in C#.NET

As we all know, Tiff files are very large and they are often compressed to smaller sizes for the purpose of portability. Tiff file is usually converted to JPEG image format in ASP.NET web applications because JPEG image is faster to load and more easily read by web browsers compared with Tiff image format. With our C# Tiff Image Converter Control, the quality of Tiff image will not be influenced when implementing conversion.

Convert TIFF to BMP in C#.NET

Our Tiff to BMP Conversion Library for C#.NET is a powerful and handy component, designed to help developers convert Tiff image to BMP image format in C# class. Here is a guide mainly described how to complete Tiff to BMP image conversion in C#.NET. If you want to convert Tiff file to BMP in other .NET applications (like VB.NET), you can go to corresponding guide page.

Convert TIFF to GIF in C#.NET

TIFF converter control in C#.NET enables users to convert TIFF to GIF. GIF is an image format widely used on the World Wide Web. GIF file is compressed using the lossless data compression unique with no significant loss in quality. Please refer to corresponding page to find out more.

Convert TIFF to PNG in C#.NET

PNG is a replacement for GIF. It is also a lossless compression image format. TIFF to PNG converter SDK in C#.NET supports converting single and multiple TIFF file to PNG. It has become the most common used image formats on the web site for transmitting.
Detailed VB.NET tutorial to convert TIFF file to other kinds of images and documents can be found in our webpage as well.
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