Convert TIFF to Bitmap in C#.NET

Detailed Online Tutorial on TIFF to BMP C# Converter
Yiigo TIFF image converter library in C#.NET is a professional and mature conversion tool. It enables users to convert TIFF to any other image formats and document types such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word and so on. You can convert large amounts of TIFF documents with only a mouse click on the tiff conversion button in the toolbar.
This online tutorial emphasizes how to convert TIFF to BMP format using C# codes in Visual Studio windows or web-based project. First let us learn some main features of this TIFF to BMP conversion toolkit in C#.
  • Easily convert TIFF to BMP image format in a few seconds with C# TIFF conversion library
  • Support converting multi-page TIFF document at the same time in C#.NET
  • No need to install a third-party plugin or C# application
  • Easy-to-use TIFF to BMP conversion user interface built in C# project
  • Export BMP images in high quality with C# TIFF to BMP converter
  • Easy to integrate into other C# application to process and print BMP image
If you want to know how to convert TIFF image to other image formats and document types, please refer to C#.NET TIFF file conversion. More features and functions can be found on that page. This article delivers TIFF to BMP conversion tutorial from the following sections, please have a look first.
  • What is TIFF image in C# class
  • What is BMP image in C# class
  • Why convert TIFF to BMP image in C#.NET
  • Requirements of TIFF to BMP C# conversion
  • How to integrate with other image add-on in C# application
TIFF Image in C# Class
TIFF is also called Tagged Image File Format. It is an image format popular in scanned images. C# TIFF image SDK allows you to compress and decompress TIFF images in different solutions. As TIFF image supports different color spaces, bit depths and data types, it stores more information in a single file.
Bitmap Image in C# Class
Bitmap is a device independent and resolution dependent image format capable of storing digital image in arbitrary height, width and resolution. The BMP format stores color data of each pixel in the image without compression. This makes BMP format the most high quality image format viewed and processed by almost all the C# image program. It is often used for printable images.
Why Convert TIFF to BMP in C#.NET
Bitmap is an image format used to store and display color and grayscale image. It stores many information such as width, height and creation time in high resolution. There are many compression schemes that can be used on bitmap to create the most beautiful images with smaller size. This technology makes bitmap a suitable image format for photos and printed images. As the most associated windows image format, it is necessary for us to know how to convert TIFF to BMP image through using our C# TIFF converter.
TIFF to BMP C# Conversion Precondition
If you want to create and install this C#.NET TIFF converter, a few things must be done first. Visual Studio, .NET Framework, Microsoft OS are three essential conditions needed for creating a TIFF image file conversion SDK in C#.NET. Please make sure you have all the required environment before using our TIFF image file converter. Below are some sample codes you can use to convert TIFF to BMP, please take a look.
namespace WindowsApplication1
public partial class Form1 : Form
public Form1()
public static string FolderName = "c:/";
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
ImageConverter.ConvertImageFormat("c:/Sample.tif", "c:/ygimage.bmp");
Easily Integrate with Other C# Image Add-ons
C# TIFF to BMP converter can be seamlessly integrated with any other TIFF image processing add-on and TIFF image printing add-on. So it is possible to process and print out bitmap image after or during the conversion with Yiigo .NET Image SDK. Certainly, you may easily print low or high resolution BMP image in batches. Also, you can resize, crop, annotate and watermark TIFF or BMP image automatically with our image SDK in C#.NET.
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