Tutorial: PDF Document in VB.NET Overview

How to View, Read and Process PDF Documents Using VB.NET
.NET PDF Reading Control included in Yiigo.Image for .NET SDK can be used to read, edit, process, convert and annotate Microsoft PDF document with easy VB.NET solutions. It is easy to create, load (from local file or stream) and save PDF document with this PDF control.
This page will give you a brief introduction of functions of Yiigo .NET PDF Doc Plug-In. If you want to know more information on certain function, you may go to related VB.NET guide.
VB.NET PDF Reading Control Functions
This PDF Reading Library for VB.NET is completely compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and it can be used in VB.NET project created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or greater versions. It integrates multiple PDF document programming functions in VB.NET. Please view the following parts to know its main functions.

PDF Doc Viewers in VB.NET

VB.NET developers are able to create three PDF document viewers to view and display Microsoft PDF document in different applications: Web PDF Doc Viewer, Windows PDF Doc Viewer and Mobile PDF Doc Viewer.

PDF Doc Converting Functions in VB.NET

Our VB.NET PDF Reading Control supports converting source PDF document to the following raster and vector image formats through VB.NET programming.

PDF Doc Page Processing in VB.NET

PDF Doc Barcode Generation & Decoding in VB.NET

For VB.NET developers who are intending to create and print barcode on PDF document or decode barcodes drawn on PDF document, this VB.NET PDF Reading Library is quite suitable. It supports common PDF barcodes generation or decoding in VB.NET project.
  • Linear Barcodes: Codabar, Code 39, Code 128, EAN-13, UPC-A, Intelligent Mail, PLANET, POSTNET and so on
  • 2D Barcodes: Data Matrix, (Micro) PDF-417, (Micro) QR Code, etc

PDF Doc Drawing in VB.NET

Developers are able to draw texts, graphics or watermark into an existing PDF document by using this VB.NET PDF Reading and Editing Control. For more details, please go to online VB.NET PDF drawing and PDF watermark creating guides.

Other Functions in VB.NET

In addition to functions stated above, this VB.NET PDF Doc Reading Library also enables developers and end users to annotate PDF document, compress PDF image, add PDF metadata and extract text from PDF document page in .NET applications using VB language.
How to Use Our PDF Reading Control in VB.NET
This PDF document reading control in Yiigo.Image for .NET SDK is compacted in small-sized dll (Yiigo.PDF.dll). To use this control for PDF document viewing and processing, you just need to add it to your VB.NET project reference. You may view this guide to obtain all functions of Yiigo.Image for .NET SDK in VB.NET programs.
For VB.NET developers, Yiigo provides this online tutorial to view, read and convert PDF documents using .NET PDF Reading Plug-In in detail. Developers can find more PDF reading tutorials for other .NET platforms, as well as Visual C#.NET programming language.
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