How to Create Visual C# PDF Viewer

Visual C# Guide to Creating PDF Web Viewer, Windows Viewer and Mobile Viewer
No matter which field you are working in, you are constantly faced with reading / viewing, creating, signing, annotating (putting comment on) PDF documents as well as filling out forms in PDF file format. Using Yiigo.Image for .NET, you will get a Visual C# .NET PDF processing add-on library, with which you can build a powerful PDF viewer for Windows application, Web application and also mobile devices such as Android and iOS.
Written in C# managed code, this lightweight control library SDK can be seamlessly integrated into .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio. With all of its flexible PDF editing options, users will be enabled to add PDF opening, viewing, signing, and printing functionality into their Visual C# .NET PDF windows viewer, web viewer and mobile viewer.
Apart from that, we also provide detailed user manual with complete Visual C# .NET demo codings for creating Visual C# .NET PDF document viewer. These C# PDF document viewers provide you with advanced graphical user interface (GUI), including flexible PDF manipulation settings, intuitive designing buttons, and also fast processing speed to greatly improve your work efficiency. Just download the trial package to evaluate it now!
Do you need more PDF processing tutorials for Visual C# .NET imaging application? Here are some of them:
How to Create PDF Viewer in C#

How to install C# PDF Add-on Library

  • Download Yiigo NET Image SDK free evaluation online or the licensed product from purchase email;
  • Unzip the free evaluation package to copy all the .NET assemblies into your C# imaging application;
  • Run the exe file in the unzipped package to get a license as a text;
  • Copy the text license to your C# imaging application as well.

How to Create a C# PDF Windows Viewer

Among the three Visual C# .NET PDF document viewers, C# PDF Windows Viewer is the easiest to create. Users only need to install the related libraries to your program as mentioned in the above sections, then you can simply go to the code behind page for C# compiling with corresponding sample codes. You can learn about Visual C# PDF Windows Viewer here.

How to Create a C# PDF Web Viewer

Using Yiigo PDF add-on library SDK, users can build a powerful PDF web viewer, with which you can easily display/view and edit any PDF document with your web browsers! Most of the commonly used web browsers are supported by this library such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and so on.
Almost all the PDF processing functions provided by PDF Windows viewer are also supported by this Visual C# PDF Web viewer, such as PDF creation, printing, scanning, saving, viewing, searching, rotating, page adding & deleting, annotating, to just to name a few. Please view more about C# PDF Web viewer here.

How to Create a C# PDF Mobile Viewer

As mobile phone is so widely used today all around the world, there is a growing need for viewing and reading PDF documenting with mobile devices, and that is how this Yiigo PDF mobile viewer come into being. Currently this PDF mobile viewer supports Android and iOS only. You can view more about this C# PDF mobile viewer from this tutorial.
In addition to C# PDF viewer, Yiigo.Image for .NET offers you C# TIFF image viewer. Please go to relevant page to find more information.
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