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What if we use a network path Table 11-2 shows the results of the same methods when applied to this path:

Notice how the path root includes the network hostname and the share name. What happens if we don t use a full path, but one relative to the current directory And what s the current directory anyway

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The framework maintains a process-wide idea of the current working directory, which is the root path relative to which any file operations that do not fully qualify the path are made. The Directory class (as you might imagine) gives us the ability to manipulate it. Rather than a static property, there are two static methods to query and set the current value: GetCurrentDirectory and SetCurrentDirectory. Example 11-6 shows a call to the latter.

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Looking at the call to registerClass in the previous listing, you see that the trivial component is a client class that derives from Sys.Component. To participate in the lifecycle of a component, you need to override the initialize and dispose methods in the constructor s prototype object. Method overriding was explained in chapter 3, when we talked about inheritance in the Microsoft Ajax Library. In the example, you override both methods to display a message box using the JavaScript alert function.


The bitwise shift operators shift the bit pattern either right or left a specified number of positions, with the vacated bits filled with 0s. The shift operators are listed in Table 8-13. The shift operators are binary and left-associative. The syntax of the bitwise shift operators is shown here. The number of positions to shift is given by Count. Operand << Count Operand >> Count // Left shift // Right shift

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Table 11-3 shows the results we d get if we passed @"directory2\MyFile.txt" to the various Path methods after having run the code in Example 11-6. As you can see, most of the results reflect the fact that we ve not provided a full path, but there s one exception: GetFullPath uses the current working directory if we provide it with a relative path.

Path doesn t check that the named file exists. It only looks at the input string and, in the case of GetFullPath, the current working directory.

OK, in our example, we just want the filename without the path, so we use Path.Get FileName to retrieve it. Example 11-7 shows the relevant piece of Example 11-4.

var fileNameGroups = from filePath in allFilePaths let fileNameWithoutPath = Path.GetFileName(filePath) group filePath by fileNameWithoutPath into nameGroup select ...

Shifts the bit pattern left by the given number of positions. The bits shifted off the left end are lost. Bit positions opening up on the right are filled with 0s. Shifts the bit pattern right by the given number of positions. Bits shifted off the right end are lost. If the left-most bit of the operand is a 1, bit positions opening up on the left are filled with 1s. Otherwise, they are filled with 0s.

leave it for the time being, and move on to the other piece of information that we need for our matching code: the file size. The .NET Framework provides us with a class called FileInfo that contains a whole bunch of members that help us to discover things about a file.

The various functions from the System.IO classes we ve dealt with so far have all been static, but when it comes to retrieving information such as file size, we have to create an instance of a FileInfo object, passing its constructor the path of the file we re interested in. That path can be either an absolute path like the ones we ve seen already, or a path relative to the current working directory. FileInfo has a lot of overlapping functionality with other classes. For example, it provides a few helpers similar to Path to get details of the directory, filename, and extension. However, the only method we re really interested in for our example is its Length property, which tells us the size of the file. Every other member on FileInfo has a functional equivalent on other classes in the framework. Even Length is duplicated on the stream classes we ll come to later, but it is simpler for us to use FileInfo if we don t intend to open the file itself. We use FileInfo in the final part of InspectDirectories, to put the file size into the perfile details. Example 11-8 shows the relevant excerpt from Example 11-4.


Don t forget to call the base implementations of the initialize and dispose methods using the callBaseMethod method, as in listing 8.1. They perform important processing steps during the initialization and disposing phases of the component s lifecycle. Calling the base implementations ensures that a component is properly initialized and disposed.

(from filePath in nameGroup let info = new FileInfo(filePath) select new FileDetails { FilePath = filePath, FileSize = info.Length }).ToList()

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