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An expression s type matters. The examples we just looked at involve numbers or numeric variables, and are of type double or int. Expressions can be of any type, though. For example, ("Hello, " + "world") is an expression of type string. If you wrote an assignment statement that tried to assign that expression into a variable of type double, the compiler would complain it insists that expressions are either of the same type as the variable, or of a type that is implicitly convertible to the variable s type. Implicit conversions exist for numeric types when the conversion won t lose information for example, a double can represent any value that an int can, so you re allowed to assign an integer expression into a double variable. But attempting the opposite would cause a compiler error, because doubles can be larger than the highest int, and they can also contain fractional parts that would be lost. If you don t mind the loss of information, you can put a cast in front of the expression:

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Namespace naming guidelines suggest the following: Start namespace names with the company name. Follow the company name with the technology name. Do not name a namespace with the same name as a class or type. For example, the software development department of the Acme Widget Company develops software in the following three namespaces, as shown in the following code: AcmeWidgets.SuperWidget AcmeWidgets.Media AcmeWidgets.Games namespace AcmeWidgets.SuperWidget.SPDComponent { class SPDBase ... ... }

int approxKmPerHour = (int) kmPerHour;

This casts the kmPerHour (which we declared earlier as a double) to an int, meaning it ll force the value to fit in an integer, possibly losing information in the process.

A variable doesn t have to be stuck with its initial value for its whole life. We can assign new values at any time.

The previous section showed how to assign an expression s value into a newly declared variable:

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There are several other important points you should know about namespaces: Every type name in a namespace must be different from all the others. The types in a namespace are called members of the namespace. A source file can contain any number of namespace declarations, either sequentially or nested. Figure 10-6 shows a source file on the left that declares two namespaces sequentially, with several types in each one. Notice that even though the namespaces contain several class names in common, they are differentiated by their namespace names, as shown in the assembly at the right of the figure.

double kmPerHour = kmTravelled / (elapsedSeconds / (60 * 60));

If at some later stage in the program s execution new information becomes available, we could assign a new value into the kmPerHour variable assignment statements aren t required to declare new variables, and can assign into existing ones:

kmPerHour = updateKmTravelled / (updatedElapsedSeconds / (60 * 60));

$create(Samples.MyComponent, {}, {}, {}, $get('associatedElementID'));

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This overwrites the existing value in the kmPerHour variable. C# offers some specialized assignment statements that can make for slightly more succinct code. For example, suppose you wanted to add the car s latest lap time to the variable holding the total elapsed time. You could write this:

elapsedSeconds = elapsedSeconds + latestLapTime;

Figure 10-6. Multiple namespaces in a source file The .NET Framework BCL offers thousands of defined classes and types to choose from in building your programs. To help organize this array of available functionality, types with related functionality are declared in the same namespace. The BCL uses more than 100 namespaces to organize its types.

This evaluates the expression on the righthand side, and assigns the result to the variable specified on the lefthand side. However, this process of adding a value to a variable is so common that there s a special syntax for it:

elapsedSeconds += latestLapTime;

This has exactly the same effect as the previous expression. There are equivalents for the other mathematical operators, so -= means to subtract the expression on the right from the variable on the left, *= does the same for multiplication, and so on.

The first search in Example 12-7 is to find a customer whose first name is Douglas :

A namespace is not closed. This means that you can add more type declarations to it by declaring it again either later in the source file or in another source file. For example, Figure 10-7 shows the declaration of three classes, all in the same namespace, but declared in separate source files. The source files can be compiled into a single assembly, as shown in Figure 10-7, or into separate assemblies, as shown in Figure 10-8.

var query = from customer in customerXml.Element("Customers").Elements("Customer") where customer.Attribute("FirstName").Value == "Douglas" select customer; XElement oneCustomer = query.SingleOrDefault(); if (oneCustomer != null) { Console.WriteLine(oneCustomer); } else { Console.WriteLine("Not found"); }

In general, you will have some ideas about the structure of XML documents you are going to process; otherwise, it will be difficult to find the information you want. Here we know the node we are looking for sits just one level below the root element. So the source of the LINQ query the part after the in keyword fetches the root Customers element using the singular Element method, and then asks for all of its children called Customers by using the plural Elements method:

from customer in customerXml.Element("Customers").Elements("Customer")

Figure 8.6 Syntax for the $create method. This method is responsible for creating, configuring, and initializing a client component instance.

We specify the search conditions with a where clause, as we would do in any LINQ query. In this case, we want to search on the value of the FirstName attribute:

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