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How to add images to a PDF file | PDF Buddy
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internal class FileContents { public string FilePath { get; set; } public FileStream Content { get; set; } }

Details on how to install and configure the ASP.NET AJAX framework on a development machine are explained in appendix A. All examples in this book can also be built with the Visual Web Developer Express edition. For simplicity, we ll defer to Visual Studio when we mention the development environment.

We ll have to update the code that creates the FileContents too, in our LoadFiles method from Example 11-35. Example 11-42 shows the change required.

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How to Insert Picture into PDF Online - LightPDF
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Dec 6, 2018 · As an online service, you can use the Smallpdf Editor to add images and text onto your PDF files on any operating system (Mac, Windows, ...

content.Add(new FileContents { FilePath = item.FilePath, Content = File.OpenRead(item.FilePath) });

(You can now delete our ReadAllBytes implementation, if you want.) Because we re opening all of those files, we need to make sure that we always close them all. We can t implement the using pattern, because we re handing off the references outside the scope of the function that creates them, so we ll have to find somewhere else to call Close.

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Mar 4, 2019 · PDF-XChange Editor offers lots of features free of charge. You can add, edit and delete text or import images to apply as background from ...

Figure 9-3. Structure of a switch statement Switch labels have the following form: case ConstantExpression : Keyword Switch label terminator The flow of control through the structure in Figure 9-3 is the following: Test expression TestExpr is evaluated at the top of the construct. If the value of TestExpr is equal to the value ConstExpr1, the constant expression in the first switch label, then the statements in the statement list following the switch label are executed, until the break statement is encountered. Each switch section must end with a break statement (or a goto statement, as discussed later). The break statement branches execution to the end of the switch statement. The default case is optional.

DisplayMatches (Example 11-33) ultimately causes the streams to be created by calling LoadFiles, so DisplayMatches should close them too. We can add a try/finally block in that method s innermost foreach loop, as Example 11-43 shows.

foreach (var matchedBySize in matchesBySize) { List<FileContents> content = LoadFiles(matchedBySize); try { CompareFiles(content); } finally { foreach (var item in content) { item.Content.Close(); } } }

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How to add images to a PDF file | PDF Buddy
Add images to PDFs for free with the #1 online PDF editor.

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The last thing to update, then, is the CompareBytes method. The previous version, shown in Example 11-39, relied on loading all the files into memory upfront. The modified version in Example 11-44 uses streams.

private static void CompareBytes( List<FileContents> files, Dictionary<FileContents, List<FileContents>> potentiallyMatched) { // Remember, this only ever gets called with files of equal length. long bytesToRead = files[0].Content.Length; // We work through all the files at once, so allocate a buffer for each. Dictionary<FileContents, byte[]> fileBuffers = files.ToDictionary(x => x, x => new byte[1024]); var sourceFilesWithNoMatches = new List<FileContents>(); while (bytesToRead > 0) { // Read up to 1k from all the files. int bytesRead = 0; foreach (var bufferEntry in fileBuffers) { FileContents file = bufferEntry.Key; byte[] buffer = bufferEntry.Value;

The general flow of control through a switch statement is illustrated in Figure 9-4. You can modify the flow through a switch statement with a goto statement or a return statement.

} bytesToRead -= bytesRead;

int bytesReadFromThisFile = 0; while (bytesReadFromThisFile < buffer.Length) { int bytesThisRead = file.Content.Read( buffer, bytesReadFromThisFile, buffer.Length - bytesReadFromThisFile); if (bytesThisRead == 0) { break; } bytesReadFromThisFile += bytesThisRead; } if (bytesReadFromThisFile < buffer.Length && bytesReadFromThisFile < bytesToRead) { throw new InvalidOperationException( "Unexpected end of file - did a file change "); } bytesRead = bytesReadFromThisFile; // Will be same for all files

Figure 1.10 The ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Web Site template creates a website that references the ASP.NET AJAX assembly and configures the web.config file for Ajax integration.

foreach (var sourceFileEntry in potentiallyMatched) { byte[] sourceFileContent = fileBuffers[sourceFileEntry.Key]; for (int otherIndex = 0; otherIndex < sourceFileEntry.Value.Count; ++otherIndex) { byte[] otherFileContent = fileBuffers[sourceFileEntry.Value[otherIndex]]; for (int i = 0; i < bytesRead; ++i) { if (sourceFileContent[i] != otherFileContent[i]) { sourceFileEntry.Value.RemoveAt(otherIndex); otherIndex -= 1; if (sourceFileEntry.Value.Count == 0) { sourceFilesWithNoMatches.Add(sourceFileEntry.Key); } break; } } }

} foreach (FileContents fileWithNoMatches in sourceFilesWithNoMatches) { potentiallyMatched.Remove(fileWithNoMatches); } // Don't bother with the rest of the file if there are // not further potential matches if (potentiallyMatched.Count == 0) { break; } sourceFilesWithNoMatches.Clear();

Note Unlike C and C++, each switch section must end with a break or return statement. In C#, there



Rather than reading entire files at once, we allocate small buffers, and read in 1 KB at a time As with the previous version, this new one works through all the files of a particular name and size simultaneously, so we allocate a buffer for each file We then loop round, reading in a buffer s worth from each file, and perform comparisons against just that buffer (weeding out any nonmatches) We keep going round until we either determine that none of the files match or reach the end of the files Notice how each stream remembers its position for us, with each Read starting where the previous one left off.

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