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A few things are going on here. First, we constructed a NetworkStream this class derives from Stream, and it s how .NET lets us treat a socket-based connection in the same way as any other Stream. In general, the use of streams is optional because the Socket class provides methods that let you read and write data directly. But in this example, getting an actual Stream object is useful because we can plug it into a StreamReader. Stream Reader takes a stream that contains text and can convert the bytes in that stream into string objects. Example 13-23 uses the StreamReader class s ReadToEnd method this asks to read all of the data in the stream to the very end and to return it as a single string.

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PDF Online Viewer, Reader is a free online tool that allows you to view PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT files directly in your web browser. PDF Viewer Online reads files  ...

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Beware of a classic rookie mistake with TCP sockets. Developers often observe that if they write, say, 20 bytes into a socket, and then on the receiving end they perform a read operation that asks for more bytes (e.g., 1,000), that read usually returns 20 bytes rather than waiting for the requested number of bytes to arrive. Many people mistakenly assume this means TCP guarantees that data will arrive in chunks of the same size in which it was sent. In practice, if a client sends a 20-byte chunk of data, the receiving end may well return six bytes of that chunk from the first read, then another 13 in the next, and then the last byte in the next read. Or even better, it might decide to aggregate that final byte onto the front of the next lump of data sent by the client. TCP sockets only attempt to deliver all the bytes in the order in which they were originally sent. Your code cannot make any assumptions about the granularity in which the socket will return incoming data. TCP has no idea of a message or a frame it offers just a linear sequence of bytes. Your code needs to be ready to cope with data coming out of the socket in arbitrarily sized lumps. (Asking the socket for data one byte at a time is a way of simplifying this, although for high-bandwidth communications that might not be the most efficient solution you may get better throughput if you let the socket give you data in slightly larger chunks.)

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Maybe its already answered @ How to make PDF viewer in PHP ... 2) After extraction, in myfolder/web folder, open viewer.js and change ...

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Online PDF Reader - The Easiest Way to View PDF with Browser
Apr 25, 2017 · ViewDocsOnline is a free online PDF reader that allows you view different types of documents online. To use this application, enter the url of ...

Notice that the first line of Example 13-23 passes true as a second argument to the NetworkStream constructor. This tells the NetworkStream that we d like it to take ownership of the Socket object once we are done with the NetworkStream and call Dispose on it, it will shut down the Socket object for us. That ll happen at the end of the block for the using statement here. This is important: we must close connections when we have finished with them, because otherwise, we could end up hogging resources on the server unnecessarily. Having fetched the data and closed the socket, we finally print out the data:

The code in listing 86 shows how a client behavior is typically structured In the constructor, you declare the class fields B For example, _focusCssClass and _hoverCssClass store strings with the names of the CSS classes you want to assign when the associated element is hovered over or focused on The other fields keep track of the current state of the associated element For example, _focus and _mouseOver are Boolean values that tell whether you gave focus to the text box or you re hovering over it with the mouse In the prototype object, you find the overrides of the initialize and dispose methods C FormattingBehavior uses the $addHandlers method to hook up the mouseover, mouseout, focus, and blur events of the associated DOM element Then, the same handlers are detached in the dispose method, using the $clearHandlers shortcut.


IPHostEntry hostDnsEntry = Dns.GetHostEntry("time-nw.nist.gov"); IPAddress serverIp = hostDnsEntry.AddressList[0]; Socket daytimeSocket = new Socket( serverIp.AddressFamily, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp); daytimeSocket.Connect(serverIp, 13); string data; using (Stream timeServiceStream = new NetworkStream(daytimeSocket, true)) using (StreamReader timeServiceReader = new StreamReader(timeServiceStream)) {

0 1 2 3

data = timeServiceReader.ReadToEnd(); } Console.WriteLine(data);

If you run the program, you ll see something like this:

55059 09-08-16 06:29:42 50 0 0 912.5 UTC(NIST) *

It s not strictly relevant to the use of sockets, but if you re interested, here s what the numbers this particular server returns all mean The first number is the number of days that have elapsed since midnight on November 17, 1858 (If you re curious to know why anyone might find that useful, search the Web for Modified Julian Date ) The set of three numbers that follows are the year, month, and date (2009, August 16 in this example), followed by the time of day as UTC (time zone zero, or as we British authors like to call it, Greenwich Mean Time) The 50 signifies that daylight saving time is in effect where the server is located, and the following two zeros indicate respectively that no leap second will be added this month and that the server believes it is not currently experiencing any problems.

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Jul 7, 2018 · This Quick Tip shows you how to display a PDF with VB.NET. ... Adobe's plug-in is used to display PDF's in a browser.") ... Open VB.NET and ...

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